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obsidian golem(aka Dark Golem)


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    I agree. That would be a good idea, but (not completely sure) I think suffocating Inside the block would be against most of Minecraft's codes. Maybe it should stun them instead? also, will it be the same as a iron golem and protect villages or be made with obsidian blocks instead of iron ones?? p.s. Sorry for any offense or over-the-top questions

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    CrazierCrown, the stun idea would be a good adjustment. And as all golems are made for, they will attack any hostile mobs, protecting villagers in the process. Last of all, yes, it is made from a T shape of obsidian blocks. I also thought about making this T recipe-shape one block tall than normal, as I envisioned the dark golem being taller than the iron golem, but just as slim, if not slimmer.

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    It should look like the texture of obsidian and purple eyes.