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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


[March 2019 Official Feedback Topic] Doing more - with ore!


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    Nato 2509 commented
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    Use some metals with extra abilities, for example Chromiun is fire resistant or silver that upgrades spells and magic

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    ~~~ Magnetism and Iron ~~~
    Iron is one of the few minerals that is naturally affected by a magnet and can be magnetised.

    ** Redstone Magnets **
    An electromagnet is made by coiling a wire around iron and supplying electricity. A Redstone Magnet should be an iron block surrounded by redstone. It has a north and south face. When powered, it pulls and pushes other Redstone Magnets and iron blocks inline with these faces even behind other blocks. This effect should have at least a 4 block range. Each time an affected block aligns with the world grid, it should accept a redstone update and check for block collisions.

    Mobs and items should be moved by affected blocks, even while on top. Use them to create elevators, floating bridges or crushers.

    ** Blower **
    As electromagnets can be used to create brushless motors, redstone magnets can be used to create blowers. Each time it is triggered by redstone a fan on the front face will rotate 180°. This creates a force that pushes mobs and items forwards for 2 ticks. This effect stacks, so triggering it faster or using multiple blowers pushes harder. Placing against a furnace, this effect will speed up processing and fuel consumption.

    ~~~ Gold Electrical Conductor ~~~
    Gold should be used to conduct redstone.

    ** Redstone Rod **
    It is made from 2 gold nuggets and a Redstone dust. Like an end rod it can be placed in any direction. It can transmit redstone to any block that it is actually touching. It can only transmit to other rods end to end so it is insulated from other lines but can only travel in one direction. It should have a 1 tick delay because light shows are pretty. This should work underwater and have some blast resistance.

    ~~~ World Generation ~~~
    Generally I would like different areas to have ore veins in different quantities. So if you wanted lots of one thing you would explore the overworld to find it.

    *** Abandoned Mineshaft Rich in Random Ore ***
    When generated, abandoned mineshafts should select a random ore type and increase their occurrence in a cube region around them. The selected ore could have 50% more veins by overriding other veins or creating new ones in the stone. The Mineshaft could select a secondary ore type as well and increase their occurrence by 25%. Whatever the selected ore is, it should generate around the mineshaft regardless of y level. It would be nice if these mineshafts could generate entrances on the surface more often and have cave-ins or just mounds of gravel preventing passage.

    ~~ Alloys ~~~
    Alloys use different percentages of metals to create different qualities.

    ** Crucible **
    Generally they use a crucible to mix alloys. It could accept 2 stacks of metals and create a different alloy depending on the percentage difference between them.

    ** Steel **
    It is made of iron and less than 2% carbon (coal) It is one of the strongest materials on the planet. Could be a tier between iron and diamond. Could be used for highly blast resistant blocks and industrial machines.

    ** Gold/Iron Alloy **
    Gold and iron don't alloy IRL but if they could it would be magical. This could be a tier between iron and gold. Highly enchantmentable, also durable. Could be used for advanced redstone components as well being both magnetic and conductive.

    ~~~ Crystals as Abrasive ~~~
    Crystals like quartz are used as Abrasive for sculpting rock.

    *** Stone Grinder ***
    Used to break stone into gravel and gravel into sand. Also used to get gems out of ore, bonemeal from bone etc. It takes netherquartz as a fuel source and/or is activated by redstone and uses netherquartz in the crafting recipe.

    ~~~ Miscellaneous ~~~
    *** Thieving Enchantment I - III ***
    Chance to drop iron or gold nugget when attacking.

    ** Crystal Detection **
    A passive or tamable mob or an offhand item that makes a noise when close or points to the nearest lapis, emerald, diamond or netherquartz ore would be nice.

    ** More Uses for Nuggets **
    Like redstone rod...

    ** An Ore in The End **
    I like amethyst or onyx. I could list another 10 magical teleporty, nighttime and gravity themed ideas for those but that would be breaking the rules, so ignore this...

    Hope you take these on board (except ender onyx which we can talk about later.)

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    PrincessTycie commented
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    I would like to see a potion brewed with an iron ingot and have give you an iron skin affect or something of that sort and would either eliminate or greatly reduce the damage you take after you drink it.

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    Lapis lazuli and iron ingots on any crafting surface creates a new item called totem of the miner that is helled in your off hand and will allow you to mine much quicker with whatever you have.
    Redstone dust and glowstone dust makes a type of dust called engineering dust and it can be placed and used like redstone but gives off a light source much like glowstone and if placed in a brewing stand it will give an effect called locator and will allow you to veiw enemys much like how they can sense you and will let you tell where they are at and lasts for 1 minute by default and adding 20 seconds for each glowstone and 10% speed for each gunpowder.

    Redstone and iron creates steel, an original idea im sure you guys had before but iron was implemented instead, steel would be able to make steel weapons and tools, steel armour would be one or half an armour point more than iron but not as strong as diamond, steel would be stronger than iron in durability and would be somewhere between the halfway point of iron and diamond. Steel tools would work the same but last longer than iron but not as long as diamond would and does maybe one point or half damage more than iron equipment, texture could be the same as the rest but a grayish color.
    All ores have a more specific biome they stay in the largest quantities but can still be in other biomes just not as big of a vein. Using a block of an ore to create a tool such mainly shovel, pickaxe,sword,hoe, and axe will be a different item thatbis stronger than their counterparts. Sword would be like a longsword and have a better damage attack and have a Area of Attack like the axe, the axe could chop wood faster, the shovel can dig faster and looks bigger than the regular shovel, the pickaxe can harvest more ores that it mines such as coal drops twice as much as usual, and hoes can instantly fertilize ground if a plant is on it. Each one could do more damage to make them more useful. These are my ideas and i hope i have at least inspired some sort of an idea for you

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    HunrixMata commented
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    i think more ores should be added to the nether, because so far the only incentive to go to the nether is for ghast tears, blaze rods, wither skulls, and quartz, but if you add more ores to the nether i feel like more players would want to explore the nether for some diamonds and gold, ive seen some mods do this and i loved the idea. hopefully this makes it into the game!

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    Davi Castro commented
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    Arame feito com ferro e o arame farpado com ferro e pepitas de ferro

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    The flint is quite a useless ore (if it is ok defining it as a ore) when you enchant your bow with infinity, so I thought about the flint flake, an item with low durability crafted with two flints that enables you to "scratch" the blocks, for example:

    • Stripping a log
    • Changing the pumpkin's face
    • Make chiseled blocks by right-clicking the polished ones
    • Cuts maps like shears
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    Something that I really like from Tinker's Construct is being able to make different kinds of bows, with different damages and ranges. I feel like the addition of crossbows would be a great opportunity to add things like diamond crossbows, iron crossbows, gold crossbows, etc.

    Another thing from Tinker's that I like is being able to add diamonds or emeralds to weapons to increase durability. I feel like this wouldn't make the unbreaking enchant redundant, because I believe that adds to a chance of not consuming durability? Which would still be different and valuable. I think that this should be added like an enchant at an anvil

    I think it would be neat to have a block with a recipe involving a fair amount of lapis, which would add a luck buff for a certain range, kind of like a small beacon. Adding more uses for lapis in general would be nice.

    I think adding a quartz sword would make a lot of people happy, and give it another use. Maybe make it have a high damage, but low durability.

    Give tridents a repair material- I think prismarine would be appropriate.

    Right now, I'm playing a modpack that sets certain ores to spawn together (like gold will sometimes spawn with redstone) and it adds a nice touch to finding ore.

    Additionally, the pack has a mod that adds prospecting picks, which can be made in varying metals. These let you know if there are ores in the area, at the cost of durability- which makes finding ores a lot less of a grind to find.

    And for redstone, the ability to stick it to the sides and underneath of blocks. I think the recipe should be a slimeball surrounded by redstone, and you get 8 "sticky redstone" or whatever.

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    I think there should be a way to make alloys, like gold and iron makes a gold/iron alloy that has iron duribility and gold mining speed.

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    hiy miu commented
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    I maybe a bit late but I have some ideas!



    My idea is to have it used to make a new block (some people could consider it not to be a block) to make spike traps. It would be made with 3 cactus and 3 iron ingots. It does 2 damage to the player if they step on it. It can be tipped with lingering potions. Just like with arrows and gives whatever potion effect it has on it when stepped on. If you put it on a fence or gate it would harm you with same amount of damage that it did as a normal spike.

    My other idea is to have it be used to make iron reinforced oak doors, acacia doors, dark oak door, etc. These doors are just like iron doors except they are openable and actually look better then iron doors. (Yes I know you can open iron doors with red stone but that’s annoying) It would be crafted by surrounding the door of choice with 8 iron.


    Gold should should be able to spawn in the nether because where do zombie pigmen get their gold swords. All gold tools should be given a higher durability. In the middle of ston and Iron’s durability. They would still be fast but the armour would have the same armour points as chainmail armour.  The gold pickaxe would be able to mine everything iron can. Last benefit to gold is that you can combine the gold helmet with a torch to get a sort of miner’s helmet that would glow around you.     

    Lapis Lazuli:

    It seems to be a magical ore if it powers the enchanting table. Perhaps you can combine it with armour or tools to get better enchants. The crafting recipe would be 4 blocks of lapis lazuli and 4 lapis with your armour or tool of choice.


    You should be able to put emeralds in your enchantment table to get a discount on one enchant by 3 levels.


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    Auldrick commented
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    This suggestion involves new uses for iron ore, gold ore, and the compass. Let's call it the Trained Compasses feature. Trained compasses would provide a limited means of navigation in the Nether and the End, useful for everybody but especially players who choose not to use coordinates.

    A regular compass could be "trained" to point to a specific iron ore block in the Nether, or gold ore block in the End. To train a compass, you would USE it on the ore block. Once trained, the red part of the compass needle would change to the color of the metal to identify it as a trained compass for that dimension. Whenever you're in that dimension, it would point to the ore block. In other dimensions it would spin randomly.

    Like an untrained compass, a trained compass could be carried in the main hand or offhand and would point to its ore as both a held item and an inventory item.

    A trained compass could be retrained to a different ore block of the same kind in the same dimension by USEing it on the new ore block. It could not be trained to the other dimension and block, nor reverted to being an untrained compass. (Optionally, a way to revert it might be provided, perhaps by heating it in a furnace.)

    If its ore block is broken, moved, or destroyed, the trained compass would spin randomly. However, it could still be retrained.

    Trained compasses would not stack, either with each other or with untrained compasses. Thus, the player would have to weigh how many compasses to carry against the inventory/hotbar space required for them.

    For implementation, I'd suggest that the server should keep a registration list of trained compasses and associated ore block positions and dimensions. Training an untrained compass would assign a unique ID to the compass and register it and its ore block location. Retraining a compass would update the registered location. Destroying the compass would delete its registration. Breaking, moving, or destroying the ore block would delete the registrations of all compasses with a matching location. The list would need to be persisted across world saves.

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    S S commented
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    I want to use gold and gold nuggets to gild some items and make my house more fancy!

    • adding 1 gold nugget to an item frame adds a gold ring around the item frame
    • adding 2 gold nuggets to a lantern will add gold all around the lantern
    • adding 4 gold nuggets around a picture frame will gild the edge of the picture
    • every piece of armor (except gold) can now have a gold trim applied to it, has no effect on stats and requires 5 pieces of nugget for chest, 4 for legs, 2 for boots and 2 for helm,
    • i 'm sure lots of other things can be made fancy with gold!


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    S S commented
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    adding a ring slot to the game so we can make emerald rings, emerald rings would have unique enchantments no other items could have, like poison resistance, or teleporting to the last village you traded at

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    I have 2 ideas, the first is a relativley simple one, it'd be nice to see placeable bars (and being able to stack them up to 6 a pile)as well as diamonds and emeralds as i feel these could make some great decoration for something like a blacksmith's workshop (this could also be used in the village smiths and would help the building feel a bit more alive)

    The other thought is hammers.
    They could require 6 of the desired material on the top and middle rows and a stick on the bottom middle square. They could deal more damage than a sword, and have an area effect whenever swung (similar to java swords but it will constantly have a larger hitbox, and the ability to hit multiple mobs, the damage remaining consistant in the area of the hit but not having as large of a sweep effect) it would however slow you down slightly when held and attack slower than a sword

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    sirdaniel0 commented
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    You should be able to make emerald/quartz tools/armour. Emerald stuff would have diamond durability, and iron attack/mining speed. Quartz should have damage/mining speed of gold, and durability of diamond. This would add more variety in the combat section of the game. 

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    Gera0442elpro commented
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    Me gustaría un mineral de plata y crear monedas con este comercio con estos aldeanos

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    Use diamond and/or obsidian to create diamond/obsidian dust, which would then be used to create a "stone polisher". This would be needed to create polished variants of various items. Polished variants would be removed from the stonecutter as currently implemented. Making items such as polished stone stairs would require a two-step process: craft the item on the stonecutter, then polish it on the polisher.

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    MIUP commented
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    Teleporters. Have a new machine a player can construct that will teleporter them from one built machine to the next. Each trip would cost an ore. A specific ore will teleport you to a specific machine that the player could select. Giving us more options to use the feature but not make it too overpowered. It shouldn't be to hard to achieve with the Tp command all ready part of the game.