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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


[March 2019 Official Feedback Topic] Doing more - with ore!


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    Thanks everyone for your great input - it's April 1, so we're closing this thread up and passing this information and all these great ideas on to our team. (AKA no need to repost, you'll get seen!) :)

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    JustNrik commented

    Mineral sticks, crafted like wood sticks but may server to add new items to the game, for example, new redstone components to introduce a redstone update (specially for bedrock so we can do the same and more than java without bugs but actual in-game functionally feature) as well as key/padlocks (chest/furnance/door/etc locking for vanilla servers) etc.

    One idea that crossed to my mind many weeks ago was to make iron/gold/diamond conduits, basically, they would be crafted with mineral sticks and glass panels, they would serve as hoppers but with a slightly different purpose, which would be transportation only and would support transportation in any axis, they wouldn't have any kind of inventory exposed to the player, it will simply transport the item and we could see which items they are transporting thru the glass part of the conduit and they will always point to one direction, which can be any axis, for example from -Y to Y or vice versa, may by toggleable by redstone with another kind of component, it could as well become a double or triple conduit which would transport items to all axist in one direction for X, Y and Z, so we would have total flow control about how these items are being transported.

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    LackHapeLuis commented

    Here's just a few ideas.. 

    The Shuttleaxe: Made the same way as a pickaxe but you need 3 iron blocks(for example) and 2 blocks of log.. You would be able to make a shuttleaxe. A shuttleaxe would mine 3x3..


    Iron Fence+Gate: Made using iron ore and nuggets... Would look fences you see at cemeteries or schools.. 


    Block of Flint: it's basically an ore right? xD .....  The texture would be the same as the quartz block but dark grey.


    Rock: When mining an ore block that drops ore(coal,etc) you would also get rock using 2x2 rock you would get 1 cobblestone.



    Ore blocks should have different textures, Only lapis has a different texture would be cool if the rest did.

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    Blast Burner commented

    This is so perfect. I already came up with some many ore related suggestions. Hopefully they will be recognized.

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    Unbiunium commented

    Maybe an iron... potato?
    It sounds silly, but quite a few other plants have variants made with metals. They'd be crafted similar to golden carrots, but with iron nuggets and a potato instead. (Super original concept, I know!)
    I was thinking they could be brewed into potions of Resistance, or perhaps potions of Haste, the latter of which isn't found in potions yet.

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    MCPEChicken13 commented

    Gold Bars - 6 gold in a "wall" shape for gold bars (like the iron counterpart)

    Weather Censor - like a daylight censor, but with 6 iron (3 on both top/bottom) 2 redstone and a nether quartz.

    Redstone Furnace - iron ingots surrounding a redstone dust. Furnace, but uses redstone dust as fuel, gives a redstone signal when smelting items. When powered by redstone, the XP will drop out instead of being stored.

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    Datapacks can add new ore types, tree types and other variants of things already in the game.

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    DGAE0018 commented

    I think there should be more uses for the existing ores in-game. For those ores who primarily only have one or two uses (Lapis, Emerald, Quartz, I'm looking at you), I feel like there can be more done that's not as cliché as a usable tool/armour set. Similar to how diamond is used to craft a jukebox, they should serve as a required part for some interactive blocks that may come up for use (such as the huge set of new tables coming in 1.14). For example, let's say you could throw in an emerald in the middle of a circle of stone bricks and that'd be your blast furnace, instead of measly iron that allows you to craft it almost instantly. They could also be used to form "higher-tier" redstone components (Quartz already serves its job in this department). For example, using lapis or emerald in some components could make a two-input computational gate of some sort. Or maybe a piston with new physics.

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    daemxnn commented

    I think maybe you could make chainmail armor slightly more useful and make it craftable with iron nuggets. Also on the subject of making things more useful, maybe gold? Its pretty obvious how "not good" gold tools and weapons are, and I think they should stay that way, anyone foolish enough to go mining with a gold pickaxe deserves death by lava. But I think it could he an interesting concept if you could combine gold into a pre-existing tool like a shovel, axe or pickaxe to give it some new properties. But maybe not stop there.. maybe different ores should be able to be smelted together to create alloys which offer different advantages and disadvantages based on what they're made of. That's probably a suggestion that comes up often but I thought I'd throw my hat in.

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    Ender Mcpe commented

    Here are some suggestion related to ores and mining:smoldering!an enchantment which can be applied to any tool(not weapons or armor)this enchantment will cook up items and blocks for you so you dont have to waste your time to cook things up,2.give more uses to iron!:iron has a bunch of recipies but it needs more recipies,like this:being able to make and iron crossbow!it has more durability and you can do a lot more things with it(donnow what else i can do with it!)3.crushing.a new enchantment which lets you break more than just 1 block in a simple swing!4.fitting ore block:this feature gives ores ability to fit the biome it spawned in,for example:if you are in a cave in a snowy biome,the ore will be stuck in a ice block,so it fits its surroundings(although for that to work,you need to change how caves look like,i didnt wanna say this here,cuz im pretty sure everyone wants this!)

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    We should be able to craft alloys of existing ores. These alloys could be use in decoration, or have specific uses.

    Example :

    - Blue gold is an alloy of Gold and Iron (an existing alloy) that is made of 75% of gold and 25% of iron. This alloy could be use to craft a blue gold block, that can be used in decoration, and blue gold nuggets. The blue gold can be used to craft armors and tools, that have the same durability and protection than normal gold armors (and which can be smelted in blue gold nuggets). Rarely, mobs can naturally spawn with a blue gold armor. Some pigmen can have a blue gold sword. When a mob is equipped of blue gold armor/tool, it gains a random effect (among speed, slowness, strength, jump boost, nausea, resistance, fire resistance, invisibility, blindness, weakness, health boost, glowing, levitation, slow falling), and if equipped with 4 pieces of blue armor this random effect is lvl 2. When the player is equipped of a blue gold armor/tool, it also gains a random effect (lvl 2 if fully equipped), that is different every 2 minutes. Even if the armor doesn't protect it very well (as it protects similar to the gold armor) it should be fun to wear it.
    The blue gold ore can also be used to craft a special brewing stand, that use blue gold as fuel, and produces a random potion when used (therefore potions would be craftable by peaceful players)

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    Shiy Wilson commented

    If this is supposed to be towards all minerals in general, and not JUST Ores, then I have a few ideas.


    1. Make Gold and Iron ingots placeable, as this would be great decoration for a loot vault or something similar.
    They could work like the turtle eggs, and what I mean by that is when you place the ingot you only start with one ingot in a 1x1 block space, and you can add more ingots to the 1x1 block space, until around 4-5 blocks are stacked. (Like in this image) This could extend to emeralds and diamonds to some degree also, but I image it would be much harder.

    2.Give Emeralds more use or make them easier to find. I am not saying to add emerald armor/tools, but I just want emeralds to have more uses than trading. Emeralds are more rare than diamonds (I'm pretty sure, at least) but only are used to trade with villagers and as beacon fuel. Ideas I have personally are for emeralds are:
    A light amplifier: Placing an emerald block under/near a light source could double its light value or something like that.
    A new debuff potion: Potion of FAST falling, just a simple idea that could be lots of fun in PvP.
    There is tons of other things you can do with emeralds, these are just some ideas I had.

    3. New building blocks using minerals. I know TONS of really good looking stairs and slabs are getting added in 1.14, but I have a few more ideas. Basically stairs (and maybe slabs) made out of Gold, Diamond, Lapis, Emerald, and Obsidian. Obsidian is personally one of my FAVORITE blocks to build with as it is my favorite color (Purple) and is hard to destroy. With the blast furnace being added though, I have a cool idea for a new block that I would absolutely ADORE. Smooth Obsidian would be only mineable with a diamond pickaxe like Obsidian, although much faster. I think they would look like regular obsidian but smoothed out, and with a lighted purple hue. For reference, I think they would look similar to the granite blocks from Terraria, but with a dark purple hue. I imagine these blocks would be created by placing regular obsidian inside of a blast furnace, and using Lava as the fuel, would create smooth obsidian blocks.

    (Image of Granite Blocks from Terraria for reference)

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    Multislayer commented

    Diamond Shard/Dust particles. Obtained by using shears on diamond ore blocks.

    Use: Upgrade stonecutter block that cuts at least 2x faster than standard stonecutter.

    Recipe: 3 Stone, 1 Iron Ingot, 5 Diamond Shard/Dust particles. 

    Stonecutter with diamond upgrade has bluish stone cutting saw.

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    PainCauser12 commented

    I would like to see ore spawns be more reliant on biomes. Such as iron ore spawning being higher in the plains biome, while gold spawn rate is higher in mesa (for example).

    Doesn't mean to get rid of iron in Mesa completely, but if you want to find high rates of iron, you should seek out the biomes that contain higher amounts of it. 

    It would add more importance to exploring, rather than never leaving your small land claim. 

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    Oscar Cox commented

    Metal blocks (such as iron and gold) attract lightning or give a higher change of lightning striking that block/area. It's a small addition and will most likely go unnoticed by players who had no idea of the feature if it was to be added. However, a way I think this can be made more cool is when the block is about to be struck, the ambience around the block has a low 'humming' sound which gets louder before lightning strikes.

    This can (possibly) be applied to iron, chainmail and gold armour as well, making it dangerous to wear metal armour in the open when a thunderstorm is taking place. (However, this idea can be debated since rain and thunder is commonly disliked). BUT! Gold armour will have a special ability if it gets struck by lightning. In Minecraft """lore""" gold has always had special 'magic' and 'healing' properties (such as gold foods being able to heal and have more saturation and tend to get better enchantments). Upon getting struck, the player wearing gold armour gets speed, haste and possibly strength for a few seconds. This will give an armour that never gets worn in normal survival and actual tempting use during specific occasions. It will also tempt players to vary their armour if they haven't discovered diamonds yet to change to gold or leather since iron and chainmail will be dangerous to wear.

    I do feel like this may be too much of a drastic change regarding armour, so one idea is to simply make lighting only strike gold armour and leave chainmail and iron out of the whole 'electricity conducting'.

    Nonetheless, I hope these ideas gave you inspiration because I doubt these ideas will be implemented as their complete raw original concept, since a lot can be polished with these ideas.

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    Make it to where diamonds and emeralds float in lava instead of burning. Not only would that make sense, but it would also make mining near lava less stressful.

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    ddynamite123 commented

    How about an enchantment for pickaxes that smelts ores when mined

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    How about making magic wands that fire a power corresponding to a type of ore, such as a diamond wand could shoot a lightning bolt against the opponent, would be made diagonally with 2 sticks and a diamond and besides you need to enchant with a enchanted book specific to the wand created, after each shot would spend 1 xp and would have a recharge time of 5 seconds to fire again, on rare occasions some witches could use magic wands instead of portions.

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    Berelle 1 commented

    As I listed out new uses for the existing ores, I found that a number of them had already been suggested.  So I have included links to those suggestions in order to bring these ideas together.

    • Chains – created from 6 iron nuggets These would allow lanterns to hang lower, create draw bridges, and many other decorations.  Maybe the chains could be used to finally craft chain mail armor.
    • Iron chests – Created from 8 iron ingots These would open when receiving a redstone signal. Once opened the contents could be accessed by the player.  A great addition to puzzle maps
    • Hammer – Created from 5 iron or gold ingots, or diamonds and 2 sticks Hammers would allow a player to change stone block into a gravel block which would then be affected by gravity.  It has also been suggested that they could be used as a weapon, and could be part of an anvil update.
    • Quartz pressure plate – Created from 2 quartz crystals and 1 red stone Other than being a white pressure plate, this pressure plate would have a unique quality. When placing a second, third, fouth, etc. side by side the pressure plates would ‘merge’ into one solid pressure plate.  This would give the player the ability to make custom sized and shaped pressure plates.  This would also be a great decoration allowing players to create solid white surfaces across multiple blocks similar looking to carpet yet with a smooth quartz texture.
    • Reinforced shields – Shields are a little OP in their current state. A primarily wooden shield is able to deflect the blast of a charged Creeper at close range with little effect to the player. I propose that the basic wooden shield be ‘weakened’. It would still provide some defense to the player and then add the ability to reinforce the wooden shield with various ores. The ore that was used to reinforce the shield would grant it a unique property. Banners should still be able to be applied to reinforced shields. When a banner is applied the border of the shield would show the color of the chosen reinforcing ore.
      • Iron reinforced shield – Created by surround a shield with iron ingots. This would have the blocking ability to the way shields currently are. Although it makes them more expensive. This would make the strength of the shield more understandable.
      • Diamond reinforced shield – Created by surround a shield with diamonds. In addition to making the shield stronger with would give the shield the power to deflect the projectiles back at the attacker.
      • Gold reinforced shield – Created by surround a shield with gold ingots. Would give the shield more durability.
      • Quartz reinforced shield – Created by surround a shield with quartz crystals. A melee attacker would be set on fire when coming in contact with this shield.
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    RamenTop commented

    Add the crystal variants of the existing ores, in the Minecraft Dungeons trailer players were shown many exciting new things coming to a new game set in the Minecraft universe, SO add the crystal like looking blocks that emitted light. They could be used for cave variants, or give an extra amount of a type of ore. Maybe add a rare crystal that could be made into a staff used for making magical pickaxes!

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    alan burnett commented

    most of my suggestions for this particular post are going to center largely around minecrafts most unused ore(i think its an ore?): Flint.

    One of the most annoying things about minecraft is the ridiculous amount of flint you get, and the fact that it's pretty much useless. You get a massive amount of arrows from skeletons, so you don't need it for that, You only need 1-2 flint-and-steel, so you don't use much for that either. (the day i say i need more flint i will probably be in the middle of a seizure and forgot what it was) It would be nice if there was some more use for it so that i'm not constantly throwing it away.

    1. (Crafting #1) Flint + End rod = Dark end rod - this is simple, i love building things in minecraft and i think the end rod was one of the best additions, as it opened up a lot of things (using them upside down to make table legs, putting them on walls to make it look like a lamp is hanging from them, and more) but they only come in 1 color, adding a dark version of them would be great. 

    2. (Crafting #2) 4 flint = stone path - i thought of this because i love the medievil feel that minecraft has, and having some king of flat lily-pad like stone to put on top of other blocks (like grass) that looks like disconected flat rocks would work well with the ' in the wild' feel, it could also have a brick version, as well as 

    3. (Crafting #3) 9 flint = flint block (i bet you thought i was going to say gravel, huh?) this was actually something i thought of both as a building block (again, another path, another bottom for aquariums), and as another sound thing after the the most recent note-block update. if it was made so that when the note block was set on top of the flint block it would play one of the normal 'player walking on' sounds or 'block breaking' sounds, it would be really interesting for both adventure-maps, and servers (yes, i know you can-command-block it on adventure maps, but come-on, give us red-stoning-lazy people something  =D (Translation: i can never remember commands lol))

    4. (Crafting #4) flint + iron-bars = Spiked iron bar tops (The spikes on the top of iron fences in real life) again, i'm a huge fan of minecraft's medieval style, and a lot of really old-rustic buildings tend to have iron bar-fence fences with those spikes on them, also if they were a half block high, then putting them on top of the iron-bars would turn them into realistic fences that were to high but still kept mobs out(added bonus - if t hey acted like thy magma when a mob walked over them, IE: hurting the mob, that would also make them work like traps for the mini-games, and for people who make adventure maps, so it's a 3-way win (and mob farms, make that 4)

    5. (Crafting #5) Flint + leather boots = spiked boots - these boot stop you from slipping on grass and have a small chance to turn grass you are walking on into grass path, because really, just try making a trodden path that looks random. i dare ya, see what happens. i look the 'random grass path blocks ' look for warn paths, but i am not good at making them look randomized. this would help a bunch.

    6. (Crafting #6) flint + pumpkin = different jack 'o lanterns - (pumpkin in the center of the crafting table and where the single flint is around it determines what face you get) again, variations, jack o' lanter faces (like creeper face, skull, so on so-forth) 8-spots = 8 different jack o' lanterns.

    7. (Crafting #7) flint + glass = cracked glass - i tend to build in both the roofed forest and the swamps (i know, i'm strange, everyone else hate building in the swamp biome, i love them) and i love making my bases look like creepy old haunted houses. having cracked glass would help add to that, also, having cracked glass would make adventure maps and traps more fun if the cracked glass broke when you walk or run on it (IE you have to sneak or else)

    8. (Crafting #8) Flint + Potato = Spiked potato, it could then be brewed to make potion of rough-skin (Thorn enchantment as a potion effect) Also, piggy-backing off of Unbiunium , if iron potato was a thing as well, then iron potato + flint could make an iron spiked potato, which could brew potion of rough-skin II Maybe you could even throw spiked potato/iron potato/Iron spiked potato like a snowball)

    I know these aren't that inventive, but it's flint, it's hard to come up with stuff for that particular resource, hence when it's one of the most unused in the game, but i have other stuff to suggest for the other ores, and a lot of THOSE and they are way way better, as they are way easier, but i'll post those in a different post

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    TravelByTrain commented

    If coal ore is set on fire, the coal will burn away leaving only stone. 

    Speaking of stuff you can burn add charcoal blocks too.

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    jawaplayzmcpe commented

    Charcoal blocks

    you can only craft coal blocks with coal what if you add a charcoal block that's slightly different but the differences are hardly noticeable

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    jawaplayzmcpe commented

    What about if you can place glowstone dust on a block it will emit a little light but the light level will increase the more glowstone dust you put down and it will only glow if it's next to or connected to a glowstone block and/or glowstone torch or if you make a glowing button/lever by surrounding a button/lever with glowstone dust

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    koyzumie commented

    you should be able to combine different metals into alloy's. mix iron with coal in a crafting table to create a steel crucible, then fire it in the furnace to create Steel. Steel pickaxe's could break blocks slower than diamond, but have higher durability, much like in real life. 

    metal planting would be nice too, want a gold pressure plate but need it to function like an iron one, gold nugget in the crafting table with the pressure plate for a "gold coated pressure plate" fire it in the furnace for a "gold plated pressure plate" Damn do those names need work. 

    or alternatively maybe surround the plating object with nuggets in the crafting table to give the plating? so like, a Iron door surrounded by gold nuggets yields a deliciously tasteless gold door? 

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    This isn’t directly about ores, it is more in-general gameplay, but:

    I think if you mine ore with a Pickaxe that isn’t strong enough to obtain the ore, it should just drop stone, because, to be more realistic, if you were mining and you came across some rock with diamonds in it, you could just harvest the rock.

    (sorry if this was worded confusingly.)

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    Letsgopop commented

    What about the a bow made with iron and it had Punch 4 on it

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    PrincessTycie commented

    I think if the ore that can be made into blocks could also be made into stairs and slabs and fences and things for more building and decorating purposes.

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    Just like in the real world, each unique biome (or just area) should have an abundace of specific ores and deficiency in others. This will encourage players to travel large distances to mine for particular ores instead of digging randomly and thus it will make travelling a more important feature of the game. This will also likely encourage trade in multiplayer servers between players as depending on the location where you dig you will have more of some particular ores and less of some others.

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    Make ores generate next to caves more often, and add a few ores that only generate in caves.  That will discourage strip mining and branch mining and encourage spelunking.