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Animal Cruelty


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    I I see your point but we should NOT have blood and gore. This is Minecraft, not fortnight!

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    ParityMan3875 commented
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    Lies, lies, lies!!

    Minecraft said they won’t add sharks because they already have enough realistic animals in game, they are now only accepting fantasy spinoffs of realistic animals or pure fantasy animals. Dolphin riding could be rendered useless by the Mojang staff because we already have boats. And, it’s animal abuse. Overuse Of animal abuse will stack up and push Minecraft out of its age rating, making it more frowned upon parents.

    And, gore and blood in Minecraft.. Its just messed up. Even a former Mojang staff member said that “Some games can be more fun without gore.” And, this will drastically increase the current age rating of Minecraft, possibly a 17 because of how mature it is!

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    Exactly.  There is an inverse relationship between the amount of politics in the game and the freedom and creativity of the players.  Voted.

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    HunterArrow17 commented
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    Well, you never know what people might try to do.

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    the devleopers haven't said anything about orcas or elephants and if they have where is the source

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    YvieOddball commented
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    Adding endangered species would bring more attention to the real endangered species. Make it an add on and donate the money to a wildlife charity.

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    Yep and isn’t burning cows and getting achievements for riding pigs off cliffs animal cruelty?

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    Puglife207 commented
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    They do this bcuz if PETA sees this stuff theyll be on MOJANG within secconds

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    Boop Ree commented
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    While I agree that considering the idea of riding dolphins encourages "animal abuse" in the same game that has an achievement for riding a pig off a cliff is ridiculous it isn't really needed because of boats. And to be honest minecraft needs to tone down the "real life" animals and focus more on fantasy type of stuff. They're main reasons for refusing the sharks is a bit petty though in my opinion.


    gore is definitely a no