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Golden golem


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    I thought the same golden golem mob but only for light source, it's golden so it's shiny, like a moving torch. I can sum my idea to yours. However, I hope, since gold is weaker than iron (like in all gold gear rather iron gear) golden golem as well would be weaker than iron.

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    DrekDeDark commented
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    I suggest adding a golden golem. Gold is a less useful ore in the game, so this would be a good use. The golden golem would only have 25 hearts (50 health points) and damage in normal mode from 4 to 10 points (half less than the iron golem). He would also be faster than his iron counterpart and had a 50% chance of not taking damage after being hit. In addition, when the iron golem is covered with ivy, gold could have a different texture.