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(feedback website) Duplicate Posts

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    Hi SpawnLegacy000 -

    Please note duplicate posts are not "word for word" matches. If there is already an existing thread on this topic (or something very similar) please free to join that discussion in progress before starting a new thread on the same topic.

    Cutting down on duplicate threads or threads with very similar ideas will allow relevant threads and ideas to stay together so they can receive the attention they deserve from our developers. As our tools and software that power this part of minecraft.net improve (and they will, we work very closely with those people on features), so will our rules and process surrounding "duplicate posts". I really like your idea about related posts, by the way. We're also thinking about other ideas here, like "voting on comments" - it's true, those 40 word shower thoughts aren't always the best, but you have to admit two things:

    1) You were able to find them.

    2) It sparked some thoughts and possible discussion.

    There is a very strong misperception about notifications. See the following button? When you participate in a thread, our software says "hey, you must want to follow this post" and subscribes you. :) That means it sends notifications to your email (the one you log in with). Now I know for a fact this system works pretty well (I am actually subscribed to a couple of our categories, a feature I haven't implemented yet until we can work out a way that people don't get profoundly spammed in their inbox, such is the volume that can be generated) that alerts me to new posts. :)

    I also know for a fact that this isn't the best system for notifications, but it does have some advantages:

    1) You don't have an "inbox" like some community places, which cuts down on random spammers

    2) You're already opted in on your threads, but can opt out SO easily

    It also has some disadvantages:

    1) It means people who just use a throwaway email for their Microsoft account never see that mail

    2) Aggressive spam filters on "free mails" like Google, Live, etc. may be trapping those messages or filtering them out - something we have no control over.

    Our "inbox" is open 24/7 - it's that form down there you can reach via the green ? Feedback button. You can leave us a message that way if you have a question about a particular post. We don't publish our private email addresses for a specific reason - we want to have a place that is open to all the community (you don't even need to be logged in to leave a message for us but it really helps). We could spend all our time answering private emails, or we could talk publicly in places like this. Personally, I like this way!

    We're not here to silence ideas - on the contrary, we're here to do our best with the tools we have to ensure that ideas get heard. Part of that is trying to keep discussions together. Sometimes we make mistakes in the process.

    But we always appreciate your input :)

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    Thank you for the well formed reply Nova.

    I missed the Leave a message button on feedback and focused on the list of suggested articles. In an annoyed state I instantly minimized and started looking for the email.

    I have three remaining points of contention:

    • "That means it sends notifications to your email (the one you log in with)."

      I have checked my hotmail account that I log in with and the junk folder. There is nothing that I can see from this site or anything to do with minecraft. I have checked other emails as well in case some wires are crossed. Nothing.

    • "I have a super long post and you removed it. Can you get my text back so I can put it somewhere else?
      No, sorry."

      I assume the reason is one or multiple of the following: You do not want to see notifications on the post if it has been denied. You do not have the tools to disable comments and editting. You do not have a system for hiding the post from public listing. I really hope you are working on these specific features. It would be really nice to see a notification on the page itself and a suggestion to post a comment on another thread.

    • I don't expect a comment on this but please take it on board. This website is built like a soapbox system, like reddit. You are forcing the community to interact with it like a wiki without the tools of a wiki where none of the users have the priveleges to modify the page. You can expect to censor a lot of good ideas and never see them again because the community does not want to post their 500 word design brief underneath a 40 word shower thought in the comment section. I do not want to post this design in the comment section of this shower thought, or this design with this shower thought. I want my soapbox!

    I understand that the tools are not there and that this is a human driven system. It is just disappointing that between here and reddit there is a bunch of censorship and in my experience there is zero audience for my ideas. I believe in my ideas, I want to make the game better. So do you. So look them over.

    I will copy paste them into the comment section for the shower thoughts with great vitriol and disappointment if it means that someone that matters will acknowledge them.

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    Camcamcam753 commented
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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow - 

    This was originally its own post, but it was presumably removed because it was a duplicate of this one. Oh the irony!

    One of the major differences between this site and its suggestion sharing counterparts is the stringent removal of duplicate suggestions. This is an advantage in some cases, as it prevents original ideas from being buried by reposts of simple tweaks and polishes. However, as far as we can tell, posts are often marked as duplicate merely from the title and the user is told to post it as a comment on the "original" suggestion.

    This is unfair for a number of reasons. Suggestions may be wildly different from each other and be similar only in name. For example, two suggestions that both want to add a new mob may have completely different spawning, behaviour, drops and uses. Moreover, suggestions may encompass multiple interrelated ideas, and if the suggestion is removed, these extra ideas, as well as the relationships between them, are lost.

    All too often, a post with unique ideas may not get the attention it deserves because it has been unnecessarily lumped together with a post of the same name. Furthermore, some suggestions are poorly expressed in terms of grammar and ideas, and preventing people from posting better suggestions sets a low bar for future posts. Being easy to find and sparking thoughts isn't unique to these "40 word shower thoughts"; if the rules on duplicates are relaxed then they would be replaced with more quality ones over time, which would spark even more conversation. Especially if thread based commenting and rating becomes a thing. Otherwise the brainstorming in the comments may be ignored.

    To fix this, I propose that more care is taken when deciding if a post is a duplicate. Simple ideas, such as "husks should drop sand" have little room for variation, so it makes sense to remove duplicates of those. However, more complex suggestions have many different interpretations and should be treated as such. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover!

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    AgentCPU0 commented
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    Dear Nova,
    SpawnLegacy has a point. Using key words to detect duplicate posts is not a good system. If I can make a recommendation, keep those filters to make posts marked as Under Review to have mods look at them later. If the duplicate topic is different enough, it needs to be kept. Plus, the reason comments are there is to improve on pre existing posts and not completely change them into something else. If someone has a different idea on how an existing post should work, is it really fair to remove it just because of a matching tag? I don't think so

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    avari six commented
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    Voting for related pages feature :)