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Ravager need a change


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    Ravager need a change


     As we could see if they have added enough mafiosi but there is one in particular that has been carried out in the sense of what is the community in general, along with this has been added to a new system that will be "RAIDS" what Which generates a big problem. When generating this new system of "RAIDS", these are simply hindered with something as simple as fences. What is something stupid and aesthetically ugly what a great exercise is what is done so that you go for what I want to propose the following:

     1-: there are several ways to deal with this great army and one of them is very cheap only cactus or you make a hole, so it is easy to stop him. This can be stopped with a channeling effect in this to achieve a load that runs 7 block long and can break 3 blocks at most, if it is able to break 3 blocks in this way you win in a couple of seconds of "stun" and lose some of life. Nobody likes to lose their house, since this beast "Ravager" channeling its power a great amount of energy can be a type of knockback (blow II or knockback II) to stop it or make a hit repeatedly with a normal sword or a bow until it stops 

    PS: All mobs have something special and it would not be ideal to have another useless mod that does not do anything more than paste the normal spider already exists (make the normal spider throw cobwebs that immobilize for a short period of time