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Woodland mansion Map Room update / changes

under review


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    The main problem is if there is an actual map you can just take it and have access to a map showing you lots of structures nearby which is overpowered.

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    Mc Rat commented

    I don't think it would be that OP considering Woodland Mansions are often thousands of blocks away, and not found in early-game anyways. And it would be a good reward.

    It could be a very small map that reveals nothing for all I know

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    Blast Burner commented

    I'm sorry Mc Rat your post didn't pop up when I was typing in the title for my idea which was called, "Mansion Map Room has Actual Maps!" If your post popped up in the section then I wouldn't have posted my idea. I will delete my idea and give the rights to you since you did come up with it first.

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    Blast Burner commented

    Item Frames can be be placed upward so it is possible. You might want to change the maybe section to a yes section because I'm pretty sure alot of players would want to see an actual map. Don't you think?

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    Mc Rat commented

    It was Maybe only because I'm not sure if it's possible for world generation, but I'll edit the post

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    LegoJohnRoss commented

    I was disappointed wen I found out it had no real maps.

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    TheitsthebigA commented

    Plus if there’s enough space underground, there can be a room dedicated to house the giant zombie mob that can currently only be spawned with cheats

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    The replacement of the carpets is the only disagreement I have, as the rest is actually a great idea.

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    Sangheili11 commented

    how seed and world generation works this would be possible also reminding every there are different levels of maps so a level 0 will only reveal pretty the mansion itself pretty much the world generates by a seed number, the only time it breaks is by updates https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Seed_(level_generation)

    it's not really a problem depending also how far your distance render is set, at set at distance 32 chunks you can see everything on the level 2 map and if a user has max distance set then they can see everything already on a level 1-4

    which basically makes single map useless unless you combine them or you use the single 128x128 (level 4) map

    maps are set up as the following
    8×8 blocks
    16×16 blocks
    32×32 blocks
    64×64 blocks (max a user can set distance view)
    128×128 blocks / 1 chunk
    here is part of 128 size

    this is what the maps would look at lest, if it's 0 you won't actually need to use the map to find anything since it's in your range, level 1 you can see a village but you can also just see it clearly while at the mansion 

    this is what 32 range view with maps insides red is for level 0 map (8x8) and black is level 1 map (16x16)