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Additional Sounds Needed (Endermite, Mooshrooms, etc)


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    Mc Rat commented
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    Endermite and Silverfish need movement sounds too, like squishy, slimy noises they make when crawling around

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    SonicwaveMC commented
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    Endermites and silverfish actually have walking sounds in the files, but they don't play on Java Edition (presumably due to a bug).

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    graviatar commented
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    Endermite sounds should be distorted and has effects to make them sound more ethereal and mysterious!

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    FinnoHuman0 commented
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    A mooshroom should sound reminiscent of a cow, obviously, but perhaps with some bassy low pass, and perhaps a bit of phasing towards the end.
    Think of what a "moo" would sound like from the other end of a didgeridoo: Very constrained, "startchy", like it came out of a moldy cow