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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Jungle village


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    Hi, can you explain what you're looking for a bit more here? Thanks, it will help us express your idea to the team in an actionable way. What would people do there? What would they find there? What makes it different than another village? Why would someone vote for this idea?

    We want to help everyone have their ideas succeed. Thanks for your contribution.

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    wizkid744 commented
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    I don't know about starting on the ground, but a "treetop" village in the jungle biome would be cool: This is my vision of it...

    • The 'houses' would be wrapped around the top of a  jungle tree, just before the canopy
    • All would be made from jungle wood
    • Most would have slabbed balconies, braced off of the tree below.
    • The 'paths' between houses would be rope-bridges linking up with the nearest balcony (top slabs with fences, or occasionally without)
    • the occasional house would have trap doors opening on ladders down to the forest floor
    • Instead of a 'well' in the center, there would be a tree with a spiral stair up to the balcony level (perhaps without the treetop canopy?)
    • Replace the blacksmith with a "witch doctor" and loot chest.

    I am imagining a 'banana leaf' roof to these buildings, but I can't think on a block that would do a good job to represent that. (And be in-keeping with the jungle theme)

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    HappyManEnW commented
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    I have this idea, and many biological groups have its unique village, but only the jungle without, I will support your! Good idea!

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    NOAHRADIO commented
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    there is a temple and a desert village in the desert so why not a village in the jungle like the desert😜

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    Brenda Catt commented
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    The trees could actually be part of the village seed, so there wouldn't be weird configurations.

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    ah5638 commented
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    Jungles 100% NEED a village! This would be so cool !!!

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    or just in the trees , for inspiration/ a visual image look up https://charlieandthechocolatefactoryfilm.fandom.com/wiki/Loompaland

    or just villagers in the trees 

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    Gilang Bahari commented
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    it would be really cool if there was a village in the tree in the jungle biome