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Zombie Wandering Trader


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    Sounds fun.  Gotta have the consistency.  I just posted on making Wandering Traders ride their llamas to add character to them and such.  Maybe this zombie variant could ride his llama like a chicken jockey?

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    I think it should spawn WAY more often then that.

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    Mc Rat commented


    You have no idea how it translates in the game though, you don't even see all the zombies that constantly spawn around at night and hidden underground

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    it would be scary because of his hood you cant see his face and think its just a normal trader so you go over to trade and then you realise and he kills you.

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    Blast Burner commented

    It's another variant of a villager so yeah, but the question is, is the trader a villager?

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    This is cool! Maybe it should spawn with zombie horses instead of llamas?