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Giving a new use for Bats! (Tameable, new effect, new food)


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    machandler commented
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    I think bats should be able to deliver items (Only at night) to a designated player. Once tamed bats should also be able to have a craft-able 2x2 sack to hold items!


    This topic has more info on how it would work.

    You have my vote! anything for bats not to be useless!

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    wahoo! finally!

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    Seisir commented
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    also when you tell them to sit, they fly up to the ceiling and do that curled up animation.

    Tamed bats can have a brighter fur color as-well for easy differentiation.

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    nice suggestion! My idea for bats is that there would be a new variant that lives in the jungle. The Flying Fox, when killed they would drop BAT WING! India, lets go uindia! Africa!