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Making enchanted bows/ Fishing rods repairable


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    This is already possible in a way, bows enchanted or not can be fixed by combining it with other bows, in the anvil (to keep enchantments) or the crafting table (to not keep them). Fishing rods however dont need that, they have a mechanic where if you have an enchanted rod, cast that, switch to another rod in your hotbar, and fish with that, it wont damage the enchanted one, and you still keep the enchants.

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    But you can do that, you just use an unenchanted bow or fishing rod to repair them. In 1.13, you use an anvil to do this. In 1.14, I think you use a grindstone instead.

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    Chroosi Boi commented
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    Ohhh that makes sense actually, thank you for telling me!