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crack the bones of illagers!!


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    I think it would be useful for 1.14 and 1.15

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    Zackeroni9 commented

    I think that the enchantment should be called "Bone Crushing" and it basically does more damage to humanoid entities, such as witches, illagers, villagers, and players.

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    RetroXZ / commented

    bone crusher is a good name too zackeroni9 thanks for sharing!

    (eh, but this enchant does not work against players, ONLY illagers. iron gollems and vexes also count as illagers)

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    I think something like "justification" or "liberation" would be a great name for the anti Illager enchantment considering Illagers are "ill" probably mentally. So for adding the enchantment to do extra damage, it probably does psychic damage; which makes sense considering witches and Evokers have to do with the mind in a sense if you think about it.

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    also do pillagers