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Console Minigames on Bedrock (Glide, Tumble, and Battle)


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    JakecraftJ25 commented
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    Yes please.

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    Phlat Muphin commented
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    I have to disagree just because the 4JStudios servers are still running. If you want to play the old Minigames so bad go back to that version.

    Usually I agree with all of the posts I look at, however this post is already a feature in basically the same game. No hard feelings

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    I used to play the console edition the the mini games were one the most fun parts of the game. But when bedrock came out I felt like I was missing out and even though there are servers, the servers will never be as good as those mini games. The mini games were easier to play, and if you had your friends over, you could all play together on one xbox or whatever console. There is no reason for Mojang not to add mini games.

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    LordVeximus commented
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    i was so mad at them getting rid of it and it would be nice to have a non server / online minigame system so we can play with friends easier


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    EzzieAwesome commented
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    I really wanted to get my friend Legacy XB1 just for the minigames, looked high and low, nobody sold it. Now I have nobody to play it with and it has no entertainment value if I can't play it with my friends.

    I bought all the battle maps as well. :(

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    I agree, it would be a cool option for Bedrock Edition to receive these amazing Minigames from the Legacy Console Edition.

    Some possible options to consider:
    Option 1: Add a dedicated 4J Studios partnered server that has the same Legacy CE Lobby.
    Option 2: In the servers tab, do a sectioned off area below with the same style as Legacy CE; buttons for access to Battle, Tumble and Glide.

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    PictoMike1984 commented
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    Please!!! We need battle mode on bedrock!!!

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    AceNOBLE VII commented
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    ExiledProduct37 OMG i agree!!

    The Mini-Game's were the BEST experience one could get out of Minecraft.

    It is VERY disappointing how Mojang DELETED the Mini-Game's & replaced them with some mediocre servers...


    im Hoping that we can all get together, and let Mojang know that we WANT the Mini-Game's BACK!

    Part of the reason no one cares about the Mini-Game's anymore is because the community gave up on them.

    That's why maybe... just MAYBE, if we can group up and let Mojang know, we may just succeed.


    Thing is... i feel so sad everytime i start up Minecraft and remember all the good times i spent with the Mini-Game's...

    i loved the modes so much... i just wished they couldve stayed for a little bit longer...


    And hey! If you all wanna talk with me, here is my Discord tag:    Legendary Kitsune#5348


    Thats all i have to say, i just want to talk with someone about this... ya know? Someone who remembers all the good times & just wants to chill out, sit back, and remember all the memories :)

    i Would be very grateful if i could speak with someone about this!

    Well anyways... SEEYA & Until we meet again!!!!