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Wither boss fight improvements


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    I was going to address improving this mob just when I found your post.  This needs to be approached by making it more interesting and less annoying.  The explosions I think are too frequent and destructive, and the skulls could be given a different effect of attack.

    In Bedrock and Legacy editions, the wither has an attack where it swoops upon the player while creating an explosion in its path.  The block-destroying explosions should be limited to this attack and when it spawns or dies.  The swoop attack could happen both before and after it loses half of its health, and it could even flash blue while swooping as a warning to the player.

    As for the skulls, they could just burst with a "cloud" of knockback on the player while giving the wither effect.  The slower blue skulls would deal more damage as well as a farther knockback.  The player could also deflect the skulls like a ghast fireball as found in Bedrock or Legacy (but preferably not the blue skulls, as they are slower).

    Wither Behavior: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Wither#Bedrock_and_Legacy_Console_Editions

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    The Wither has already had an Update It can Fly Through Blocks, And can Spawn In Wither Skeletons 

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    @brooklyncannon06 Yes, it can spawn skeletons (only on Bedrock currently), and it can break through blocks up close.  But I think this boss fight could still be improved without so many explosions and destruction.  As I said, it could be limited to less frequent explosive hits, and it could also break through blocks if the player or other target attempts to get behind a wall of blocks.

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    TravelByTrain commented

    The wither should drop more xp.