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Share "Ownership" of a Realm with another player


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    cubben42 commented
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    You should be able to co own worlds with your friends, like the original creator can give you permission to go on when ever you want, because it’s annoying that my friends aren’t on and I’m trying to play but I can’t because it is not my world.

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    I agree with sharing ownership of a realm, such that the other person can change settings in the realm as well as the above thoughts. I currently play with my brother, his kids, and a few of my friends in a realm. He puts it on peaceful with the kids are playing, but then leaves it on when he gets off. I then cannot put it back onto any other type of play when he is not on. 

    Example why this is frustrating:
    I am building a slime farm near bedrock, I cannot farm slimes if it is in peaceful and that was one of the things I planned on doing that day was farming slimes for a few hours.

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    MrSnowPirate commented
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    mikeleightongodd, the owner of the realm can still make you an operator with /op to use commands and set some settings.

    The big miss here is that you can’t share the ability to download a realm. If the owner gets hit by a bus, or just decides to stop paying for Minecraft, that realm is done for. Even if the realm owner was fine with sharing download/owner-level access with another person.

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    pixelsailor commented
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    This really needs to be a thing. I want my son to have the ability to switch worlds with his friends whenever we wants but we can't do that now because I have to be the one that makes all those changes. Really devalues the whole concept for me and makes me question if realms if even worth paying for