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(Minecoins) Watching ads for Minecoins


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    Nin vento commented

    Agreed, but they should be in a separate area that won't affect the game/marketplace. I personally think it would be a great compromise between people that want a paid marketplace and people who want a free marketplace.

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    StarKittychu commented

    Minecraft is ad free, so adding ads would make it annoying... but good idea.

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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    I say put the option in the microsoft minecraft store that lets you watch ads for coins. It won't effect the game at all. It won't even be in the game that way. Microsoft, Mojang, & 3rd party developers earn ad revenue, & people with no bank accounts can still get their coins, & no one will complain about ads in the game because they're part of the store. Everybody wins.

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    YES! There is so much amazing content on the Minecraft Marketplace, but minecoins cost so much money. Even if there's a max amount of ads per day, I still would love this feature. Pls vote!

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    Purplejack007 commented

    Good idea but everything is so expensive it should be more



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    BipedEmu3 commented

    Even if earning Minecoins by watching advertisements is a slower process than in the original post (Which, I imagine is how it would probably be handled), I believe anyone willing to watch the advertisements enough to earn Minecoins regularly should be able to. Considering many people don't pay for anything at all in the store / marketplace because they simply don't want to spend money for anything other than the game itself, it would help earn more money for Microsoft / Mojang / the content creators of the store, and encourage those consumers to actively seek out content from the store.


    However, there are some things to consider:

    -Generally, paid games, even with microtransactions of any sort don't have ads, so whatever reason is behind that may be why it hasn't been done.

    -How do you know that all advertisements are OK / not malicious / misleading? It may be complicated / cost resources to make sure the ads are OK, and that may also outweigh the money earned by them.