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Randomized Eye/Fur for Cats


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    Levi Waldrop commented
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    So a bit like the tropical fish algorithm?

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    Catt0s commented
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    "Levi Waldrop So a bit like the tropical fish algorithm?" 

    Yes, A bit. But it is more genetic than chosen at random, as breeding fish is not a thing. So I guess it could be summarized as Colored Sheep and Tropical Fish breeding mix to be applied to Cats, as the rules would be

    1) breeding 2 of them would have a baby that is a mix (like sheep)

    2) There are a lot of variations from the start (like tropical fish)

    3) There are 'bases' for size, shape, pattern, and color. (like tropical fish)

    4) The `bases` may not be necessarily followed. (like tropical fish)

    I kind of think instead of random just being for strays, there should be a chance that a bred kitten inherits a random 'gene', as if a recessive rather than dominant. this will make it more diverse.

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    Levi Waldrop commented
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    Thanks for the information! I hope this gets added.

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    I think it would be better to change tittle to something like "Cat pattern, colors system " (so it will be more about what you mean, than "randomized")

    And add examples like:

    patterns: colorpoint, tortoiseshell, tabby

    So, in combination with different patterns and colors there can be results like: 

    Blue point, chocolate tabby, cream tortoiseshell, solid blue, etc.