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Smoker Revamp (Smoking Meats/Food Effects)


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    I agree the smoker could use revamp and you're on the right track, but with the system you described with the flavor it sounds very similar to the Zelda:BotW food system. 

    A core mechanic I've assumed is almost anything you can make can be made at the crafting station, like stairs vs using the cutter. However the loom does not make banners, it customizes them; something the crafting station cannot do. I feel recipes are custom foods. The cake created at the crafting station is a lie. And like cake many recipes in reality require heat. The largest recipe is 7 items including the bowl. Try this:

    -Smoker renamed Cooker. We have evolved from stone tools and roasting over a campfire to working with steam! Fancy, eh?

    -3x3 grid where all placement requires bottom rack (looking at an oven from the front) outputs to 2x2

    -Cooking of 3 meats at once, progressively slightly slower

    -Carries over placement specific & unspecific recipes from crafting table for recipes requiring heat

    -Adds mechanics for Rinsed, Steamed, Smoked, Boiled & Frozen status effects to food items; a debuff on the item

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    It smokes, steams, bakes, slices & dices!! The Rack is the bottom three of the grid on which you place food. Anything to be smoked can only go there (unless recipe assembled), allowing for three stacks to cook at once. Otherwise it is the base for all recipes. Next you have the cupboard above the fuel source. Bowls go there. Then you have the counter for orders up!

    Non-specific placement recipes (NSPR) cook 1 at a time. If you can cook multiple meats, you can cook multiple of the same SPR so long as there is room and starts at the Rack going up. I.E 3 loafs of Bread at once using 576 Wheat (64x3x3) to make three stacks of Bread. However that is based on flipping the recipe vertical (to match how it looks on the pan going in).

    Placement is context sensitive. If you put your fuel in 1st and the 1st item of a recipe that is alone cookable, it will start cooking. Food first, then fuel. An alternative is resembling mechanics to the real process, I.E. heating first. I would need to tinker with that one. If what’s there does not add up, it does not cook.
    Subjectively, I carry maybe 30 food at most as I doubt I'd use more while exploring before I'm capped for inventory, but this does accommodate those who mass prep. It also does not interfere with SPR’s while leaving the board open for recipes using up to 9 ingredients. Any recipes that do not require heat, such as golden's or honey bottle (none others exist right now, but salad comes to mind), are done instantly at the crafting table.


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    The status effects work like this:

    Rinse- requires controlled flowing water, a 1x3 gap for example with water poured in one end. If the dropped food item is in motion, the rinse does not compute. The dropped food has to be resting against a wall against a current. Rinsable foods will change the color of the water when dropped by the player; orange for carrots, white for rice, etc. it takes 10 seconds to rinse, color changing over time to full strength at 5 seconds, and clearing to normal at 10. If you place another of the same item in the water while rinsing, it resets the timer. If you place a different rinsable item, it changes colors to blend & resets the timer. Rinse debuff is set to item for 8 minutes from pickup along with the other effects. If you add to a stack with the debuff, the shortest timer stands.

    Steamed - made from placing rinsed foods in the cooker for single items.

    Recipes like steamed vegetables uses rinsed items, but produce a non-debuffed meal. Steamed rice would be debuffed, but Sticky Rice (debuffed Rice and Seasoning) would not (and be made at crafting table.) Eating debuffed food adds saturation based on method.

    Frozen - Use Salt on ice. Ice melts, water is now below freezing temp. Click single food on ground with bucket. Now it is in the bucket. Put bucket in cold water. If cold water is surrounded by ice, contents freeze. Remove, go make ice cream. If environment supports, cold water last at least 6 game hours & re-freezes at night.

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    Boiled - Like the sushi roller mentioned in the Rice post. 5 iron nuggets (4 bottom left corner, 1 right center of crafting grid) makes a pot.
    Single items may boil while cooking with a pot to get the debuff. When cooked, pot stays on the rack. You can boil two single items at a time, all three on the rack. The pot only cooks NSPR, including stews.

    Would meats be any better boiled? If beef is still too competitive, what would you advise? For smoking foods, you could use wood chips to retain current health gains & give the flank an articulated aroma. If to fit with other timed debuffs (Smoked) it could be used for some recipes but adds saturation to singles. Versus the pot, this is a fuel based effect.


    This all may sound tedious, but the yields pay off. Beef has been a blessing, but the consensus I’ve heard is why have anything else?

    Well, now you have means to rationalize higher yields. And Sushi, ice cream & anything you can think of that may have felt iffy on the craft table. And with these effects in mind on single items, what recipes do you think you could come up with? A hard boiled egg? Potato Soup? Beef Jerky (Smoked Beef+PoSeasoning)? Caramel (Sugar+pot)? Caramel Apples?

    You get the idea. 😁 


    I know it’s been a mentioned idea before, but why the pot? It makes other NSPR possible that don’t use bowls but boil (plus single items) and NSPR that do use bowls but don’t boil; like steamed vegetables. Before it was a moot point, but separating the bowls created that issue.

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    Why do I have to put it on the rack? Can't I just place food anywhere in the oven?

    Because only Endermen have Floaty Cakes.