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The Diet System: Unique buffs depending on what you eat


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    Oakleaf30 commented
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    Absolutely Genius! I would love to see this mechanic in the game, otherwise you just end up eating steak constantly and there is not much point of any other food.

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    YEAH! This should totally be in the game.

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    daniel rey commented
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    Maybe some way to make it so that if you don’t eat enough of any individual good food group then you get bad effects

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    A co-worker and I were talking about something like this, where the food you eat would affect certain stats of the player, such as endurance, healing, and mining efficiency.

    We also talked about how it would be interesting to introduce a food crafting system to make more beneficial stat upgrades, and a stagnation debuff if you end up eating a lot of the same thing. So if you end up taking a stack of bread with you on an expedition it'll diminish the hunger only so many times before it does nothing at all.

    :V it's cool to see were not the only ones who had this thought