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Heather Shadelight's Expert Mode [mobs, difficulty, AI]

under review


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    Hi everyone,

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    That would be awesome!

    More ambient mobs would be awesome as well such as butterflies, little birds, more insects, not just that annoying bat.

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    Most importantly, you shouldnt be able to be instantly safe by building a 1x1 hole and hiding in it with a dirt roof. Mobs should have ways to mine into your base

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    NitroXylene commented
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    I hope this get read by the peeps at mojang since you seems to put a ton of effort into writing it :)

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    Cavinator1 commented
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    Very cool ideas! Terraria already has expert mode and it does bring a new, more difficult challenge to the game

    Some other ideas of mine, some for mobs missed in the original post:

    - Double every mob's health and attack damage to make them tougher to take down and you'll also want to avoid getting hit as much. (Terraria does this and works pretty well in my opinion)

    - Husks (and strays) could bury themselves in sand (or snow) as soon as they spawn and only pop up as soon as you hit one.

    - Witches should run away from players quickly if they get close and then use a splash healing on themselves to quickly heal. They could also use some other splash potions effects like blindness or nausea or throw potions that give multiple effects. Maybe even lingering potions.

    - Slimes, Magma Cubes and closed Shulkers could become completely immune to arrows and have arrows fired at them be deflected back at the same velocity so you'd end up shooting yourself with arrows. Tridents would just get stuck in slimes and magma cubes and would ricochet off shulkers dealing no damage.

    - Ghasts should take much less damage from arrows and tridents (but same amount from swords and explosions). The fireballs they shoot could home in on players slightly too.

    - Wither Skeletons can sometimes spawn holding shields and they can block player melee attacks and arrows with the shield. The normal skeletons that spawn in nether fortresses should be wither skeletons with bows instead that shoot flaming arrows.

    - Blazes could "combust" when a player gets close instead of shooting fireballs, thrusting out a wave of fire around them that highly damages, sets players on fire for a long time, and knocks them back. They'll also attempt to fly upwards after doing so to get out of swords' reach.

    - Vindicators could smash through wooden blocks to surprise players. They could also get some knockback resistance and a chance to dodge arrows and tridents.

    - Evokers in particular need much, much more health. They could also permanently have some sort of "arrow" shield to make them immune to arrows and tridents since they're pretty easy to take out quickly with a ranged weapon. The spell where they cast the fangs around them could also knock players back. They could also get teleportation abilities.

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    For the longest time I've been playing on Hard Difficulty and as of the past 3 1/2 years it feels like I'm playing on Easy, even to the point where to make my survival world more challenging (intense/more exciting) I had to disable natural health regeneration and put my world in HardCore Mode (One life) just to add that extra level if diffcutly to the gaming experience with Minecraft.

    So I'm 100% on board for an Expert Mode to be added to Minecraft as I can see alot of People using this to add that extra level of diffcutly to there Minecraft Worlds 👍

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    Great ideas. Perhaps there could be some elemental effects too? (The player takes damage in cold biomes unless they wear warm leather clothing, and need to wear less armor in hot biomes)

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    Some of this features, should be in all difficultes...

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    I really like your ideas and I'm sure Mojang can build on this in many ways and make the whole experience challenging and new in the NPC combat area. I'd like an overhaul of the general hostile AI's and current difficulties, but this is a brilliant idea as well, so I hope Mojang implements something similar or is inspired by this!

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    This is all great! I have a ideas of my own that would make this harder too:
    1. Beds
    You know how you can skip the day just by sleeping in the night with a bed? Well, I think you shouldn't and the only thing beds can do is change your spawnpoint. Beds will still be very useful but, you can't skip the night. You will have to skip the day the old fashion way, waiting. This is great feature to make Normadic survival even more challenging!
    2. Torches
    Remember when Mojang were going to announce that torches will unlit after a matter of time? Why not add that? It can make caving more scary and dangerous. Strip mining will be very hard because torches will unlit. And yes, people can exploit by using optifine. But, it doesn't effect mob spawn. Just allow you to see around you.
    3. Ghastly
    The ghast should try to stay as faraway they can be from you but also close enough to shoot fireballs at you. That way, it will make trying to fish rod them or attacking with a sword nearly impossible!
    3. Drowned
    Maybe Drowns should also have the ability to whirlpool towards you. If they have a trident of course. Drowns should probably swim faster due to them being in the ocean for a long time. Just thinking about it makes me wanting to stay out the ocean.
    4. Food Decay
    Farming is easy and simple. Let's change that! When crops are fully grown, maybe after a certain time, they will turn rotten. They will still be consumable but, they will give you the hunger effect. This goes the same with raw meat. They would decay after a certain time. This makes getting food harder.
    5. Villager Relationship
    Maybe villagers should be able to judge you base on your actions with them. Stealing their crops, kill their livestock, breaking or destroying their houses, or hitting or killing them will make them dislike you more and more until the point they refused to trade with you! But, if you make iron golems, help grow their crops, defend them from raids, and helping them would make them like you more. The more they like you, the better trades you get.
    That's all my ideas I have for expert mode!
    I hope you agreed with them!

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    As a Vanilla player and Vanilla server owner I completely agree with the suggested ideas and have been longing for this for quite a while.

    In my opinion the base game is too easy and lacks any challenge once you get the best gear/enchantments available (which is not hard) - your content is left to your creativity and most of the combat (if not all) poses no challenge to an experienced player (maybe perhaps even to a non-experienced player), turning enemies into game-play nuisance instead of game-play content.

    As can be seen from other modern games, today the scaling solution is rarely used to implement a difficulty system. Instead, different mechanics are used which force the player to change his approach to each combat or situation. The reason being that scaling health and damage as an attempt to increase difficulty is not a solution - at least not a good one. I'd actually argue the opposite: it hurts player progression.

    Let's say you have gear that kills enemies with one-hit on easy difficulty and you change it to normal difficulty, scaling the enemy's health and damage. Basically the only difference is that you gear becomes less valuable and the game more sluggish, hindering the progression speed at which you play the game at.

    Instead, adding different abilities to each creature would be far more interesting. They could also be environmental. For example, Spiders buries themselves in sand if they're on the desert biome or above sand, waiting to leap at you with increased first hit damage if you get too close unaware of it.

    This would make for a dynamic PvE experience where you'd have to change your play-style depending on the situation you currently find yourself in.

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    Dj Ender commented
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    Very good, I will support this in discord.

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    Cool! Soon will come even Russian community

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    Zombie Pigmen should automatically be hostile 

    Also should witches

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    SweetBrewPony commented
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    We need an expert mode, I'd love if it gave better rewards too, I love a "Risk and reward" gameplay style.
    Even if they wouldn't give better rewards I still support this idea, I'd love higher difficulty!

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    toxischeprinz commented
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    I think the pathfinding needs improvements in general tbh. I think what you suggested should be included in vanilla minecraft. But I LOVE this suggestion!

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    jim smith commented
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    I agree, having a master mode/expert mode at world creation would be great! I think mobs should be harder in the sense that they have more capabilities that the player has like jumping, placing and breaking blocks (especially for zombies) to make them feel like there a real threat instead of just being a nuisance.

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    These sound great! 

    However, perhaps there could be more difficulties than just the "expert mode" suggested. That way, you could have increments of difficulty. Another thing that would make this better is if there were game rules for each addition, that way a person can toggle the difficulty instead, or perhaps remove features they dislike. 

    Another thing that worries me, would be the computer usage required for such an improved a.i. It sounds like you are suggesting several more checks that could be computer-intensive, but that is really only something that can be found out.

    Zombies being able to use doors, to me this sounds silly as it would mean that villagers definitely would not survive in such a world. Also, the sprinting feature sounds a little bit strange, as it is the unique feature of spiders to be more agile.

    The suggestions made about the creepers sounds good, but it isn't in the spirit of the mob (sounds too much like mod). Instead, the change could be to make the creeper more like it was originally; not making footstep sounds, and perhaps the explosion speed could be increased (a game rule could also be used to change this amount).

    Perhaps, a different variant of the creeper could use the suggested traits by op; such as a nether variant. It would naturally be more aggressive. Before, such a thing couldn't really exist as the creepers are made of foliage. With the addition of the nether biomes, there could be a red and/or blue variant (perhaps with shrooms growing out of the head or kegs) that only spawns in the new biomes nether biomes with foliage.

    These changes will definitely enhance the addition of such features!

    Also, making it visually darker during night but not operationally darker (mob spawning), would be nice.

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    •First, this would be a monumental undertaking for Mojang, but it would totally be worth it. There is an entire division of players who enjoy hard challenges that could be found in Minecraft Expert Mode. (Although there is already a hardcore mode, this doesn't really present many interesting challenges, and I think a more in depth mode is called for.)

    •Second, there should definitely NOT be exclusive enchants or items for expert mode. This should be a mode to provide greater challenges, and players shouldn't have to play this mode to access all the features.

    •Third, I think there should be a way to combine hardcore and expert mode for the truly insane players.

    •Fourth, the chance of mobs spawning with better armor, weapons, and enchants should be raised. The chance could even increase the longer a world exists, to the point where mobs have enchanted diamond gear. This would keep it challenging for the player, as well as punish them for not getting better tools. The drop rate for gear might have to be lower as well, that way players don't get OP items too easily. (Personally, I think this is a much better feature than simply raising mobs health and damage values.)

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    To rebuttal some comments saying this isn't "minecrafty," or that the same thing can be achieved by mods. Minecraft is what we make it, the same people that say Minecraft isn't a game about fighting and surviving once said pistons were an abomination and are just unhappy with change. Furthermore, expert mode would not make Minecraft a fighting game anymore than hardcore mode did, because it would be a togglable world setting. Minecraft is about creativity and having fun with friends. The expert mode mechanics will encourage new ways to play survival and use teamwork. Also, Mojang should not rely on mods to add good features that fit into the game. Just because something can be, or has been done in mods doesn't mean it can't be added to vanilla Minecraft.

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    EvanDuda commented
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    I didn't really read through all the exact suggestions, but I'd like to speak to the general concept. Minecraft seems super easy now. I get that Minecraft is more of a fun kids' game and that the more items, food, resources, etcetera are added, the easier the game generally gets. I also understand that Mojang adding features and nerfs to the game will result in a great deal of backlash. That's why I'm all for a separate mode that's actually difficult. Hardcore isn't difficult in itself. It's Minecraft that's just more punishing and that's not necessarily fun (not bashing it, I know people enjoy the challenge). I'd really like to see a new "expert mode". I remember when a long time ago, I used to genuinely fear the night. Now, Minecraft is insanely easy.

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    Stereo Titan commented
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    You really make good suggestions

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    I hope this goes into the game

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    I also think having items that are expert only or items that can otherwise be more possibly obtained in expert difficulty would be cool, such as how terraria does that. Or having more than just difficulty come from expert mode with rewards like being able to get different enchants.

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    fastminer commented
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    This is a really well-composed idea that makes sense. It doesn't change anything about the game if it's just included as an extra game mode that makes the game harder and more skill-based. This provides a whole new challenge to the game (introduces new ways to play through different types of speedruns, challenges, etc.) and makes the game more fun for players who become bored with being untouchable gods after putting in the first 10 hours in. Would love to see this in the game (not that I would play it much) and am glad this is under review!

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    YeIIowSoa commented
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    I agree.
    I also think it would be good to have mob AI work together. Such as, if a player is behind a wall and the mobs know this, creepers would blow up the wall instead of waiting to get near the player. This would add the challenge of needing to actually fight mobs off and make the choice of not sleeping the night away to have real risk. Then players could build structures with more meaning, such as a Castle with a moat so creepers can't get near the wall, and a retractable redstone path across the moat. I think implementations like these would reinvigorate the fear of the night and the challenge it was supposed to have that is now lost. Along with this, a gamemode like this would have tons of multiplayer potential with friends, as people could work together to build a mob proof base, or defend different areas of a wall. However, besides just more difficulty, I think the iron golems AI should be improved for a mode like this where they would be better at defending and protecting the player from mobs. This would give players a reason to spend their iron on them as currently they seem like a waste right now.

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    Witch : 

    - Appears in groups of 3 or 4
    - Throw the potions 3 times faster and heal the mobs around with potions.

    - The harmful potions they use are at the maximum level, making them much more formidable.

    - The potions they use are potions of zones.

    - 1/2 to teleport the player as the Endermen after an attack.

    - 1/3 to use 5 fire ball or 3 thunders in a row.

    - Summon phantoms and vexes around her at night and only husks the day.

    Ghast :

    - Explosion twice as big as usual

    - Damages by a ghast gives mining fatigue I, slowness I.


    The vexs appear every night now.

    They are three faster than before.

    Rabid Wolves:

    - The rabid wolves appear in groups of 5 to 10 the night.
    - Every night raging wolves appear more next to the forests.

    - When they see the player the attacks him automatically

    - They are faster than the player even when he runs

    - Their attack is between low and average but their attack is very fast


    - Two times more HP than usual

    - Each attack gives a random harmful effect

    New skills :

    - Anger of God: 1/3 to use thunders around him that target the player, the player for 10 seconds must run to avoid lightning.

    - 1/3 to invoke 8 vexs.


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    krazygameYT commented
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    it will be awesome if they implement it to the game and I think Mojang should consider discussing features that are in this post and perhaps add it to the game

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    Leonader30 commented
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    I think the mobs in this game were very bland right now.

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    This is exactly what the game needs, i feel. the mobs aren't scary enough in base minecraft. 

    Some things i would also like: 

    - some zombies (say, 20%) are able to climb vertically, making pillaring or walls less effective. additionally, 10-20% can break 'weak' blocks (wood, dirt, glass, gravel, etc.) while 1-5% can break 'strong' blocks (stone, bricks, etc.), allowing zombies to break into your home/fort/village and forcing more creative defenses

    - Hostile mobs will approach and destroy beds if they can get within ~15 blocks. not only will this make survival more challenging, but will make protecting villages more challenging

    - Endermen are more likely to remove sections of walls, especially if they're angered

    - 'sieges', where for a day the mobcap is drastically raised and aggression radius is raised.