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Heather Shadelight's Expert Mode [mobs, difficulty, AI]

under review


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    Like the idea.

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    WOLFI3654 commented

    Very good and creative ideas

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    Thexus00 commented


    Very nice and original.

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    TheWaterMiner commented

    I love this.

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    LuisreysH commented

    Good idea I like it

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    Awesome idea

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    MCplayer247 commented

    This would literally be all I played if it was a real thing... Well, this and creative mode.

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    Silence6400 commented

    This is a fantastic idea

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    Cavinator1 commented

    Very cool ideas! Terraria already has expert mode and it does bring a new, more difficult challenge to the game

    Some other ideas of mine, some for mobs missed in the original post:

    - Double every mob's health and attack damage to make them tougher to take down and you'll also want to avoid getting hit as much. (Terraria does this and works pretty well in my opinion)

    - Husks (and strays) could bury themselves in sand (or snow) as soon as they spawn and only pop up as soon as you hit one.

    - Witches should run away from players quickly if they get close and then use a splash healing on themselves to quickly heal. They could also use some other splash potions effects like blindness or nausea or throw potions that give multiple effects. Maybe even lingering potions.

    - Slimes, Magma Cubes and closed Shulkers could become completely immune to arrows and have arrows fired at them be deflected back at the same velocity so you'd end up shooting yourself with arrows. Tridents would just get stuck in slimes and magma cubes and would ricochet off shulkers dealing no damage.

    - Ghasts should take much less damage from arrows and tridents (but same amount from swords and explosions). The fireballs they shoot could home in on players slightly too.

    - Wither Skeletons can sometimes spawn holding shields and they can block player melee attacks and arrows with the shield. The normal skeletons that spawn in nether fortresses should be wither skeletons with bows instead that shoot flaming arrows.

    - Blazes could "combust" when a player gets close instead of shooting fireballs, thrusting out a wave of fire around them that highly damages, sets players on fire for a long time, and knocks them back. They'll also attempt to fly upwards after doing so to get out of swords' reach.

    - Vindicators could smash through wooden blocks to surprise players. They could also get some knockback resistance and a chance to dodge arrows and tridents.

    - Evokers in particular need much, much more health. They could also permanently have some sort of "arrow" shield to make them immune to arrows and tridents since they're pretty easy to take out quickly with a ranged weapon. The spell where they cast the fangs around them could also knock players back. They could also get teleportation abilities.

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    I think its a really awesome idea!

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    Absolutely in favour of this! The game is way too easy and this will most definitely provide a much bigger challenge to the game when playing it.

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    SweetBrewPony commented

    We need an expert mode, I'd love if it gave better rewards too, I love a "Risk and reward" gameplay style.
    Even if they wouldn't give better rewards I still support this idea, I'd love higher difficulty!

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    This is all great! I have a ideas of my own that would make this harder too:
    1. Beds
    You know how you can skip the day just by sleeping in the night with a bed? Well, I think you shouldn't and the only thing beds can do is change your spawnpoint. Beds will still be very useful but, you can't skip the night. You will have to skip the day the old fashion way, waiting. This is great feature to make Normadic survival even more challenging!
    2. Torches
    Remember when Mojang were going to announce that torches will unlit after a matter of time? Why not add that? It can make caving more scary and dangerous. Strip mining will be very hard because torches will unlit. And yes, people can exploit by using optifine. But, it doesn't effect mob spawn. Just allow you to see around you.
    3. Ghastly
    The ghast should try to stay as faraway they can be from you but also close enough to shoot fireballs at you. That way, it will make trying to fish rod them or attacking with a sword nearly impossible!
    3. Drowned
    Maybe Drowns should also have the ability to whirlpool towards you. If they have a trident of course. Drowns should probably swim faster due to them being in the ocean for a long time. Just thinking about it makes me wanting to stay out the ocean.
    4. Food Decay
    Farming is easy and simple. Let's change that! When crops are fully grown, maybe after a certain time, they will turn rotten. They will still be consumable but, they will give you the hunger effect. This goes the same with raw meat. They would decay after a certain time. This makes getting food harder.
    5. Villager Relationship
    Maybe villagers should be able to judge you base on your actions with them. Stealing their crops, kill their livestock, breaking or destroying their houses, or hitting or killing them will make them dislike you more and more until the point they refused to trade with you! But, if you make iron golems, help grow their crops, defend them from raids, and helping them would make them like you more. The more they like you, the better trades you get.
    That's all my ideas I have for expert mode!
    I hope you agreed with them!

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    PixieYAM commented

    I signed in just for this! This is awesome!

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    I also think having items that are expert only or items that can otherwise be more possibly obtained in expert difficulty would be cool, such as how terraria does that. Or having more than just difficulty come from expert mode with rewards like being able to get different enchants.

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    smellow33 commented

    Great idea!

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    studkid01 commented

    For Enderman, I think it would be cool for endermen to instead teleport the player to them if they are hiding under cover, similar to Quark’s Enderman Anti-Cheese Feature.  Maybe also have an ability for them to pick up blocks in order to reach a player easier to avoid cheesing them by stacking up on a 3 block high tower.

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    ImEMBEAM commented

    Been waiting for something like this for a while, hope it gets implemented

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    Kuba Krems commented

    Microsoft GO FOR IT!

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    saadcool798 commented

    I like this

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    Steven10130 commented

    I facking love it! This would make things interesting again

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    natattack900 commented

    This would make me play much more survival please add

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    FalconTRM commented

    Good luck fam! I love your idea!

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    C01DW01F commented

    I love the idea And maybe it's time we have a new "difficultly" hardcore isn't really one because it normally Just hard mode but can't respawn But yeah would Love to see a Expert mode added for that extra Challenge

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    Erik Svensson commented

    Minecrafts difficulty system is very flat right now, and any sort of expansion on it would be very welcome

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    Natasha Odita commented

    Amazing idea, Please mojang this is your game, consider it.

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    this would completely change the style of playing. to a direction that can entertain the more adult and teenage part of the community.  this will probably attract the older part of the community more to the game. cause ny theory is that after the player has found his ore hers diamonds and enchanted there armor and weapons the game becomes to easy. There`s no challenge.

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    xXPENUT69Xx commented

    This is something i have been doing for years with mods and plugins :D, not anything over the top but just small vanilla like features that expand upon the game.

    To have something like this in the base game would be simply amazing :D

    We have had the standard difficulties with little change over the years, i think its time for a few tweaks :3

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    I love it