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increase limit of gamerule FunctionCommandLimit


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    I would really hate a true upper limit of 10,000. With porting my softfp library to CBA C (which is an Assembler and Very Minimal C Compiler), some of the things that need to be done to simply add 2 floating point numbers will quickly exceed 10k with just a few commands (esp with the fact that a memory lookup needs to take place, which is absolutely disgusting without some sort of proper variable system).  This is a huge barrier (and I can't even sync, which tells it to wait until the next game tick, or I risk breaking the in-operation atomacy that the library guarantees). I don't even want to think about how many commands are in a simple USRH operation. I think removing the upper limit entirely is a good idea, so that server operators can set an arbitrary amount of commands to run. Esp when you have really stupid functions like exp(x). (e^x = 1 + x + (x^2)/2 + (x^3)/6 + (x^4)/24 + (x^5)/120 + ... + (x^n)/n! for lim[n->∞]). Even going up to n=7 (where the function converges close enough to e^x to be valid for IEEE754), that is 9 additions, and 7 pow/fact operations (my way of optimizing taylor series to not compute an O(n) recursive function twice). 

    I highly doubt I could run more than 1 exp(x) calls in the same tick without crashing right through the 10k upper limit.

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    Cart3rBart3r commented
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    No limit would be nice for setting up loops without a repeating command block by just having a a function call for a function that calls for it. It would make things just that much cleaner.