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Servers Should Be Easier to Make and Play.


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    MGeek02 commented
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    This is not a good idea, if you want simple servers pay for realms. It would significantly decrease security if it would even be possible. Allowing something to set up incoming connections without you manually setting up port forwarding would be a very bad idea. If your not comfortable setting up a dedicated server find a friend who is, or buy a realm.

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    GaleIsKomasan commented
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    People should be able to server host mcpe or mc servers on a website. I think there are servers you can get for free for, or you could pay.

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    I agree that people should be able to make servers maybe there could just be like 3 servers per user or there could be a website with the console and stuff like that mainly for bedrock though

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    All I want is the setup to be easier and for it to have a sep by step guide and have it easier to update version

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    LucasWinston commented
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    Strongly disagree.

    Maybe running a server is so complicated because new players aren't supposed to go create servers? If you're looking for a quick way to play with your friends, you can use Realms. Second best option would be to invite your friends onto your world through Xbox Live (Bedrock only). Your world will however not be always online. Lastly, if you wanna play with your buddies on Java, you can give Aternos a shot. But just like the second option, the server won't be always online.

    And if you wanna make a biggy big server, then you should honestly invest your time into researching how to properly moderate and set one up. Just imagine the chaos if creating huge 1000+ player, always online servers was as easy as clicking a button.

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    DCharb1o commented
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    Hey great idea, but like the MCgeek guy said there should be security enhancement like anti-hacks.