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    Pir Anha commented

    Yes, please.  The more versatile each lighting option is, the better for us builders.

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    Paolo Brandolin commented

    Wall mounting: Just my idea, too.

    Further: Ability to set a lantern onto or under an iron bar.

    Paolo alias ZebulonHH.

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    Ferlandia2011 commented

    Yes please! Way better than putting up torches everywhere.

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    Roboticmclife commented

    yes! that would be amazing and really have builds be more realistic

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    Jove Rogers commented

    I like this idea, but I also agree with Paolo Brandolin. I found it odd you can't already place lanterns under iron bars, like a chain hanging from the ceiling

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    RapierBluete91 commented

    oh yes please, i would like to use the lantern as a complete substitute to the ugly torches!

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    OldTomahawk90 commented

    As this is finally an aesthetically pleasing lighting item I was kinda disappointed their use is so limited, they could use some more work!

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    QweSteR2221 commented

    Pls, add this!

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    TeckNikael commented

    I also think they should be hangable from underneath iron bars.

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