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Villager Animations


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    Mc Rat commented
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    My idea for scared / chased villagers.

    When a villager is chased by a Pillager or a Zombie (or other mob), they should display fear in their sounds and animations.

    1. They should shake & run with their hands up in the air. (Like maybe a combination of zombie being cured and evoker animations)

    2. They should make more anxious & scared sounding 'hmmm' sounds. (Slightly higher pitched and sped up?)

    3. They should produce sweat particles (like they do during raids)

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    I really like this idea.Villagers must have greater animations in the game.

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    DestroyMan007 commented
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    yes and maybe one for the other villager work sites to! And instead of villager children gust running after each other they have sum kind of wrestling animation? 

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    Oliver St Cyr commented
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    With the new emotes that are being added i think that when the player waves at a villaher the villager can wave back or other interactive emptes and animations for villagers. When more emotes come they can be translated into an animation for villagers as well so that you can have mpre fun interacting with the villagers. This will give the villagers much more life.

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    I would want more animations, but no hands, since villagers do not have hands. Everybody knows they are telekinetic.