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    lgpe mine135 commented

    I really want the illusioner be added on the game. That is a nice mob that never got release. Ithink it could also spawn in mansions. Maybe add a special drop ?

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    AnemonePrisme77 commented

    It could be on raids if not in patrols

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    Heitor Pansani commented

    This guy on the raids would be so cool.

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    I agree, and I think this could be approached 1 of 2 ways: the Illusioner could come somewhere in between wave 4 and wave 10 (after the witch and before the evoker.  See the wiki for details).  Or, it could replace the witch entirely in raids.  I say this for the second option because the witch isn't hostile to villagers and isn't so much of an illager.  Plus, I personally think Minecraft's witch better fits originally as a classic, hermitic witch.  Tell me if you disagree at all.

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    DaffodilAura218 commented

    I can certainly see illusioners being among the illagers found in mansions as well as being found among those in patrols, but replacing the illager beasts in the patrols?  I don't think so... 

     At any rate, I agree with @WolveReigner781's first suggestion about when illusioners could show up within a raid, as I personally think that the illusioners could be the evokers' assistants, or something like that...  On the other hand, I do disagree with @WolveReigner781's idea about the illusioners completely replacing witches in raids as I could see witches showing up purely because they see the opportunity to get something out of the aftermath, not to mention that it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it turned out that witches did business with evokers...

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    Redstoneuplands commented


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    Mc Rat commented

    I think he needs his own Illusioner Tower structure

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    cristian.opsahl commented

    Very nice idea

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