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[Java Parity] Podzol generation beneath Giant Spruce Trees


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    TravelByTrain commented

    Podzol is technically not renewable through this method, as there is a limited amount of dirt per world. However, podzol is renewable through wandering traders.

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    @TravelByTrain Yeah, because you can't live all the way in the stripe lands, even though the world is "infinite"

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    RomaqRosher commented

    I didn't know how important this feature was to me until my server group tried and this FAILED in Bedrock. It is a minor feature, but a cool one we miss. Please bring Podzol generation to #MinecraftParity.

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    BMB1243the2nd commented

    Definitely, I have a survival world that doesn't have a mega tiaga nearby, and I had to travel about 10 mins away to find a spruce forest.

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    itsMBN commented

    Please add this, this is such a useful feature. Not everybody has a Giant Taiga nearby to go to get podzol and it's such a good block to have. Please consider this. Thanks

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    BrianGLHF commented

    Hope to see this in an update soon. :)