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Don’t remove the crafting tables!


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    I don't know if they are getting rid of the crafting tables or not.  What I'm worried about (or rather disappointed with) is how they're adding so many crafting/utility blocks to an already long selection.

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    Some of the new blocks I think are nice in function and advantage, like the Loom, Stone Grinder, and even the Cartographer Table depending on what it might do for maps.  However, everything else feels like an inconvenient excuse for "adding new gaming experience" to Minecraft, mainly splitting blocks like the furnace into the Smoker and Blast Furnace.  Some are just pointless extensions, like the Fletching and Smithing Tables, which clearly are meant for bows, swords, and their similar counterparts respectively.  Just how complex are these weapons to need one, nay two of their own crafting tables?  The result of all this is having a bunch of other blocks you just have to craft with different resources as opposed to the one crafting table.  And consider how many times you've had to build a crafting table for your needs in various locations, and multiply that by these new obstructions.

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    No, they are not going to remove crafting tables.

    The reason they are adding these new blocks is because some crafting recipes, for whatever reason, cannot be added to the recipe book. Let's look at the cartography table. My guess is that it will be for mapmaking. Why? Because, in the crafting table, there's no way for a recipe to adequately express what is going on when you change a map from zoom level 2 to level 3, for example. It's just not designed for it. The cartography table will be.

    And no, Wolvereigner, stonecutters are NOT going to be used for crafting stone blocks because stone block crafting recipes are simple and fit well with crafting table recipes.

    TL;DR Mojang wants the recipe book to cover ALL recipes possible in the crafting table. All recipes that can't be described by the recipe book are being moved to a new block so that new players can better understand what's going on. THAT'S IT. If I'm wrong about this then you might have a point, but so far, none of your fears are justified.