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Add Chicken Nests: a Decorative way to Collect Eggs


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    Romain Lucas commented
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    I love this idea and i think i could really be cool so the chicken are not compressed into a single block to make a farm but more a more fun experience and the nest could also be use for decoration.

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    The very thing I've been looking for. I wanted to make a chicken coop with a nest but hay bales wouldn't cut it. Plus the new Village & Pillage update have Villagers look for their beds and sleep on it. So why not apply this concept to the chickens, if the chicken doesn't detect a nearby nest, it will lay the egg normally as usual. However, if there is one and the chicken wants to lay an egg, it goes there first before laying it. It should also have a redstone functionality where it detects the number of eggs in the nest.

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    Atomicbobbin commented
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    But if you don't collect the eggs after a few days it will hatch

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    MEOW U C ME commented
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    I would vote but you used 1.8 textures