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Traitor Villagers (Disguised Illagers)


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    EbasGamer commented
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    My suggestions:

    1. Have them disguised as Wandering Traders too.
    2. If a player advances towards them with a shield on, they will not reveal themselves but remain in disguise until the shield is down.
    3. Have an entire village filled with Traitors, prepared to ambush the player. 
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    a very good idea
    more if a raid is triggered he would take the opportunity to remove his sobering up for this mesh to the attack of the illager and at the end of the attack self attack and win it disappears in the mass of villagers and takes the opportunity to bring that she that plunderer to help him and Ci lost it leaves with the looters

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    squidcraft313 commented
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    maybe they would have a villager face on the the front of there head but grey on the other side.


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    Paul Jenkins commented
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    I feel an Illager who practices the art of deceiving the eye would disguise as villagers.