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The Give Command Is Terrible.


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    cowslayer7890 commented
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    They did something known as "the flattening" in 1.13, in short, there was a 256 block limit hardcoded into the game due to ID's being based off a number that only went up to 256. So to work around this they added damage values to blocks, like andesite granite, and diorite. In 1.13 they changed the ID system to work off of strings instead and because of the new limit being basically endless they decided to completely remove having the same block being able to be different because of a damage value, so instead of diorite or andesite being stone/1 or stone/2, they were their own ID's. the reason why that command isn't working is that they changed the system. Now it is its own block, the petrified oak slab.



    the command is this, because technical stuff, and this is absolutely not the right place to post about this.

    /give @s minecraft:petrified_oak_slab 1

    if you don't know what you are doing I recommend you use https://mcstacker.net/1.13converter.php, they have a very good command generator that's pretty intuitive.