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How to Fully Implement Zombie Horses


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    First of all, I love that you are trying to make zombie horses an actual thing. I also love how thematically appropriate the ideas are for where you would find the mob, but the first suggestion is much better than the second in my opinion. The second idea is less thematically appropriate, because these are zombie horses, not drowned horses. (Though the idea of drowned horses that act like submarines, swimming through the water, is actually not half bad.) Secondly, drowned on zombies would feel (again, in my opinion) too close to skeleton horsemen, which are already a pretty obnoxious mob to fight. The idea of putting the horses in a zombie village, on the other hand, makes zombie villages more special and makes more sense thematically than the other idea.

    The other problem I saw was the usefulness of the zombie horse is basically the same as the skeleton horse. I propose that instead it could sniff out the closest villager/village. This would make sense with its zombie nature of seeking out and killing villagers, and would be kind of like ender pearls or woodland mansion maps now. Also, in combination with the zombie horses in villages idea, you are rewarded for exploring and finding a structure by getting a reward that makes exploration a bit easier. If that not solid game design then I don't know what is.

    The other mechanic that you mentioned was choosing whether or not to cure a zombie horse. If they are as rare as in your suggestions, then I don't really see a situation where a player would not already be able to have found several normal horses already, and therefore rather keep there rare, zombie horse than cure it. This isn't to say that the idea is completely without merit, but I see it more like shearing a mooshroom; this has little to no use, but is a really neat feature.




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