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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Bamboo Spears


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    Look, my original take on the spear and additions I made to the trident were too similar to what's here, so it got deleted, and I was told to move it to the similar post. Because I found several posts, I'm also gonna go over my problems with each of the original suggestions at the beginning of them.


    I get that bamboo needs more use, but this isn't how spears should be made. Bamboos have been proven to be worth half that sticks are, so a spear made out of a bamboo would actually only be as long as half a sword. Plus, in order to make spears a viable weapon, they cant just be made to be so weak.

    Heres my take:

    Description: The spear can be used as both a ranged and melee weapon.

    1. Type: Combat
    2. Durability: 125
    3. Renewable: Yes
    4. Stackable: No
    5. Sounds: Shoot (Twang is louder and longer.)


    • Crafting: The spear is made from 2 sticks topped with flint. It has lowered durability due to the cheap materials it is made from. It can also be crafted by combining two broken spears to combine their durability.


    • Melee - There are technically two ways to hit people with the spear.
      • Standard - Whacking someone with a spear in the same way you would a sword would only deal 4 damage, and take double durability.
      • Charging - When running, the spear would be held in both hands, level with the target, and if you hit someone with it in this state, it is thrust forward and deals a high critical hit, about 8 or more damage. Critical hits are not rewarded for jump attacks. Jumping while sprinting actually negates the charging effect. If a player is sprinting, then suddenly switches to throw instead of melee, 5% more time is added to the pullback.
    • Ranged - By using, the spear is pulled back, and when it is released, thrown far. Look, it's all the same deal as the trident, ok? It can even be thrown into the water and keep going, making it viable in as well as out of land.
    • Dusting and tracking - The trident can be crafted with one glowstone dust to cast the spectral effect upon it. The first time it hits someone, they will be dealt with a very brief spectral effect, and the spear will go back to normal.
    • Enchantments -  Shown below.
    1. Impaling [Levels - 5]: Known enchant. Damage is only added to charging and throwing.
    2. Ignition [Levels - 1]: Thrown spears ignite and deal fire damage to those it hits. The effect is lost in rain and water.
    3. Loyalty [Levels - 3]: Known enchant.
    4. Infinity [Levels - 1]: Known enchant.
    5. Unbreaking [Levels - 3]: Known enchant.
    6. Mending [Levels - 1]: Known enchant. This enchantment has +50% the effect on this weapon than it does on other weapons.
    7. Curse of Vanishing: Known enchant.

    In-Game Application: The spear itself as an item grants the ability to try out the mechanics of a duel melee-ranged weapon. The weapons very early accessibility is limited by its low durability and opportunity of use. There's also a sort of primitive theme to it. I don't suggest the use of iron spears to give it a very concrete and distinguished place in the game.

    As a weapon, it is made viable by the mechanics I've added to the core of it and the trident. If you care enough to enchant one, you must love the hit and run strategy of it enough to put more work into it. It may even be made more viable than the trident to some, as the Spear can be used in all situations, but the trident is better during storms and in water.

    My biggest point (pun not intended) to be made here was the charging aspect. Instead of jumping in order to obtain a critical hit, you would have to run at your opponent. The concept would also apply to the trident as well as the spear, with its normal damage being lowered, and the crit damage being raised. This might make the trident just as viable a weapon as a normal diamond sword, and encourages skill for reward.

    When charging, a trident is held outwards with only one hand, like a gladiator. Damage will also have to be adjusted for this weapon as well, maybe up to 10 or 11 damage when charging.

    As a final note, I would also like to suggest the idea that when loyalty is used in conjunction with mending, every time half of the spear or tridents durability has been renewed, the loyalty level goes up (capping at 3), as it becomes more loyal to the player. I'm not as attached to this idea, as it can be easily overruled by simply enchanting it better, but it's still worth pointing out here.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion. More to come.

    To the original poster, I apologize for hijacking your own post, but I wasn't given any choice. No seriously, I am really sorry. Know what, I'm just going to repost this as a real post, and argue for its sake.

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    StagmanOG commented
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    I fully agree with Spears being able to skewer someone. However this item should be available in Flint, Iron, Gold and Diamond. Here is how think they should be implemented:

    1) Different materials do different levels of damage

    2) Different materials have different durability

    3) Enchantments are key. If it doesn't have a Sharpness like enchantment it wont be used

    4) It needs a new combat mechanic e.g. the Charge move. This could be an enchantment or just part of the weopon

    5) A certain level of fun should be attached to this item like the Crossbow shooting fireworks

    6) Being able to use a Shield and a Spear at the same time makes sense to me. Whie protected by the shield you shuld be able to at least poke your enemy and deal at least half of the normal damage. This combined with the Knockback enchantment might come in handy whan facicng stronger foes.

    Just some thoughts that I hope are helpful thanks for reading. 


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    Raygas R. commented
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    Nice Idea!

    It would be great if you could placed them like a block also. Or if you can craft it as a block. (3 Bamboo in a ro)
    For traps or so. Mobs fall down into it and get damage. 
    I know we have the berry bush with the same effect, but it would look cooler :D

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    I think the level of durability would count on the materials wood box stone ok gold better iron strong diamonds stronger

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    MCloot3733 commented
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    it should be crafted with 2 bamboo and flint

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    It should come in three variants:

    Spear- does very little damage and has low durability when using it in close-combat, has trident level damage, but can be thrown back at you by other players, skeletons, and drowned. Crafted from 2 bamboo, 1 flint, and 1 string. 

    Pike- like the spear, but they are made to break. broken pikes could drop a knife item or a stick. Made from t2 bamboo, 1 flint, and 1 iron nugget. (There could also be gold ones that break more easily)

    lance- does a higher melee damage, but less when thrown. It has high durability in melee combat and can be enchanted with sword/crossbow enchantments. It is made from 2 bamboo, 1 leather, 1 iron ingot, and 1 iron nugget.