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Minecraft 2.0


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    orbloC commented
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    Why would it be more popular just to change a number?

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    JakecraftJ25 commented
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    This makes no sense.

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    OveridSnakey commented
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    My idea is Minecraft 2 releases at 1.20

    its a new game that you have to buy but it will be played universally on all platforms; like bedrock but includes java.

    All previous skin and other purchases will be transferred; Worlds will also be transferred

    Minecraft 1 will no longer be updated

    The reason for making Minecraft 2 is so, 1. popularity!, 2. to make it easier to update and mod, and 3. to have the same game literally everywhere, Same worlds, Same mods, Same Skin, Same Servers, SAME EVERYTHING!

    Now obviously they don't need to make a new game and stop supporting the old one, They could give previous buyers the new game free or just make it a massive update, But I believe with all the bonuses its worth it to buy a new game



    If there are any extra ideas that I looked over please share because I would love to hear all responses and if you have any reasons why what I've said is Bad, Incorrect, Or to hard to implement Please tell me as well

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    its a good idea


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    StickyGarden commented
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    Yes I would like to more details,people love to build stuff .keep old game support but more sized blocks and specific mod support,better world sharing . Everyone will buy it lol .dont change the look but more combat physics etc .too much to patch , needs new framework