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Bedrock Beta Server "Webhooks"


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    EricHexter commented
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    Supporting the websocket connections could be another great way to enable this. currently when I try to join a dedicated server to a websocket server, the command no-ops 

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    Joethar commented
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    I am starting to tinker with the dedicated server and would love to be able to write some NodeJS to monitor and manage things.  I really like the websocket idea.

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    Really, anything that lets me hook into the game for some kind of automation or remote management would be great.


    RESTAPI, sockets, webhooks, etc...

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    XY0797 commented
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    I also want to be able to "connect" events on the server, but I have an alternative on "Bedrock Beta Server for Windows"
    We can use "CreateProcess" to create server processes and specify I / O stream to an anonymous pipeline.