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Ability to convert Realms to Bedrock Server


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    i also am posting this on help.mojang.com right now

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    MGeek02 commented
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    I was able to get this to work. It does work and with a little more experimentation i think you could get it to work as well.

    When I moved my realm world to a server I changed the name of the world folder, it was something like "4fCApfd57j=" and now it is "Realm_Server" then i changed this line in the server.prop from level-name=Bedrock level, to level-name=Realm_Server. I don't know if changing the name is what fixed it or not, but it is working well for me.

    Now all I am waiting for is the custom server option in Minecraft Bedrock on Xbox one, can't wait :)

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    BIGgirthNASTY commented
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    I can't access my realm on xbox at all. What am i paying every month for? Any way to get out of the Beta?


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    vJO3YGUNZv commented
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    Add sever will not come to xbox one Microsoft is in partnership with the featured servers i.e they make money for purchases made on the server ultimately Microsoft want to control the user experience so doubt we will ever see an add server option its pretty sad really


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    Are there any updates to this Thread?  We have hit the max number of people on our Bedrock Microsoft Realm (10), and there are still family members/friends that we want to give access to.  Rather than deleting/adding players, we'd like to move the realm to a Server (not sure which company yet), so that we can have more players, and also can use the Furniture mod (hopefully).  Also....just about ALL of us play on XBox (one PS4 player)

    Reading the comments below, it looks like the steps would be

    1. opening the Realm on my laptop, and downloading/saving backup of the world

    2.  then moving the world files from the laptop to the server 

    3.  then modifying the name of the world folder on the Server, to something like "Realm_Server"

    4. then (this is where I think i'm missing something) then modifying this line in the server.prop (what is this and where is it?) from level-name=Bedrock level, to level-name=Realm_Server. 

    and if we do this, then everyone should be able to connect to that server on Xbox and play?