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Add a freezing enchantment


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    Mohamed Adnan commented
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    The freezing enchantement shouldn’t stop the player but slow it for ten second and give 4 extra damage and shouldn’t be stronger on the trident but on the axe

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    Yes yes i lke this

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    I was thinking that the freeze enchantment should be exclusive to snowballs. Throwing a snowball at a mob would slow/stop a mob for a set amount of time.


    Now there will be three tiers of feeze enchantments

    Freeze 1: STOPS the mob from moving and animating for 15 seconds.

    Freeze 2: Stops the mob for 30 seconds and gives damage to the mob/player by taking two hearts from the mob. Slashing them with a sword takes 1 - 3 heart damage from mob without enchantments.

    Freeze 3: 45 seconds

    Freeze 4: 60 seconds


    Now if a player is hit with the freeze enchanted snowball, he would need to rapidly fire his main hand (used to attack mobs) to wear off the effects quicker. Now doing this would cut off the effect by 2 seconds every rapid fire until the effects wear out then the player can move freely again.

    (This would be good for mobs that fall from the sky and break in pieces)