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Wolf Pack Behavior


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    Nato 2509 commented

    Alfa Wolf would have a different skin?

    And If I tame it, what happens?

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    Java Dragon commented

    Yes! The Alpha should have a different skin! Maybe a lighter Version of the normal wolf?

    Here is my idea for the tamed Alpha Wolf: It takes a lot of bones to tame the Alpha Wolf (maybe about 200% more than a usual wolf). But a tamed Alpha has slightly more health and attack force than a normal one. He follows you, but the other wild wolves of the pack still follow him. If you hit him, they attack you, but he doesn’t.

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    Onix Rivera commented

    DUDESSS I HAVE AN IDEA JUST LIKE THIS ONE!! But literaly no one has seen it not a single soul :( can you have a look at it and tell me what you think i would appreciate it.

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    I personally think a tamed alpha wolf would have only about 150% the amount of health and attack force as a regular tamed wolf.


    What if the alpha wolf, unlike regular wolves, could also be transformed into a larger wolf?  You know, about the size of a donkey? 

    If this were the case, you could also use the alpha as an attacking, rideable mount with even more health and attack force than a regular tamed alpha wolf, although it would only be about as slow as the slowest horse when running at full speed, and it would only jump high enough to clear a regular fence.  Furthermore, after the transformation, the alpha would be even smarter than before, and thus, you could post it as a sentry to help guard your property from thieves (it would attack any player who opens chests in its detection radius unless said player is their owner), and even give villagers some additional help. 

    However, there would be a downside, as the transformed alpha wolf can only breed with other transformed alpha wolves, and even then, additional conditions would have to be met.  Furthermore, transformed alpha wolves cannot teleport to your location like regular wolves.

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    I think that you should only be able to tame the alpha wolf and if you do than the rest of the pack should follow you or maybe there can be a lone wolf that is found without a pack that you can tame

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    Java Dragon commented

    I don't really know about the alpha wolf transformation, but I think I'd be neat for all wolves to, when struck by lightning, turn into a hound. Hounds would then follow your idea. But it doesn’t really fit in this post. Could you make your own and then link it?

    And I've now added the lone wolf to the post. Great detail.

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    There's already an idea thread about wolves transforming (see https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360033372992-Evolving-Animals-By-Item). However, I profoundly disagree about being forced to play on realms to get something like this, and I don't want my own idea on this matter to be combined with this other thread. As for the name of this transformed wolf, I'm not sure "hound" is quite the right name for this (unless we're talking about using the term as part of a compound)...

    Also, I was actually trying to build on your idea to some degree, so there's that...  If that doesn't fit this thread, I'm sorry.  At any rate, I did make a new post, so if it gets approved, I'll send you a link.

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    Unfortunately, the post I attempted to create for you was deleted.  So, the best I can do for you is to refer you to the comments I made on the idea that I linked for you.