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Trading Chest - Player to Player Trading


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    noob1884 commented
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    quick note.  the outlet chest would need to display:

    Item name, price, quantity remaining.

    All that would be fed from the notification feed.


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    Look at my idea. Seems a lil more straightforward . Altho good ide simply title it vending machine

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    Why not just make a UI popup button the same when trading with villagers? That would make things much simpler by making a 'Trading' tab in-game, but for players. Walk up to another player and be given the option to trade with what they have inside their inventory at that moment. Sure, it would be cool to have a whole trading interface, but that might drive people away from playing normally (via getting the materials yourself) more often than not if you could trade with every player at one time (finding all that you need with almost no effort).