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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    Perhaps if a zombie pigman were hit by TNT, lightning, or a falling anvil, it would split the pigman into a pig and a zombie.

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    Mc Rat commented

    I think the curing should be pretty complicated if this was added

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    I agree that living pigmen as NPCs would be interesting, but I think we need to avoid making new villages/villager-like mobs such a repetitive, over-implemented feature.  I think there are more creative options for implementing this mob:

    Add Living Pigmen Tribes

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    Rashalgal commented

    Actually I think it'd be wonderful if there were hidden mobs you cannot encounter in the game, but must unlock.

    Living Pigman could be an example of this, you can only find Zombie Pigmen ingame, but you can cure the Zombie Pigmen similar to how you can cure Villager Zombies.


    Living Pigmen would have their own unique mechanics, perhaps they can be friendly guards for villages who will protect the villagers?

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    William Miller commented

    This is not a good idea because it just seems like something that would fill a gap that either does not need to be filled, or could be better filled by something else.  Living pigmen would be like nether creepers - boring, bland, and uncreative.  Besides, absolutely nothing in the nether should be the least bit friendly.

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    MonksTheMonkey commented

    There could be the strat to turn your pet pig into a zombie pigman, then removing the zombie so you just have a pigman that would help you out or just do it's own thing

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