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Gender Equality


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    It scares me how quickly people can go from "gender equality! Yay!" To "burn all women at the stake!"

    Anyway, Mojang has been pushing for years to get girls to play minecraft in larger amounts, and the introduction of alex was a major step in that. Microsoft isn't an evil organisation with a secret feminist agenda, they're simply a company trying to expand the playerbase of one of their most profitable games.

    On another related note, Steve is still the default avatar and is far more iconic than Alex...

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    I agree with your post, and it is isn't the only gender problem with Minecraft. Back in the golden days of Minecraft when Notch owned Minecraft, he said that Steve is genderless. Well, has he, or anyone else at Mojang, ever said otherwise since then? No. And that means Steve is genderless. Now the problem with this is that we have a female character (Alex), but not a male character. This only makes Mojang even more sexist than before. It's ridiculous how unfair this world has become

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    Yomo42 but what if she isn't just taking her turn? What if she sticks? And is it really a good idea for genders to "take turns" in the spotligjt, when Minecraft is a game for everyone? Steve and Alex will never be a team when one of them is always in the lead.