We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    This would be awesome.  I know item filters exist, but they are needlessly bulky for such a simple operation and they can be prone to breaking.

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    LiveCookie12 commented

    Love the idea, linda like the ender.io filters, but in vinilla and for hoppers.

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    plxnetsxturn commented

    I can totally understand this but item sorters are just to hoppers  1 chest and 22 blocks! Again I can understand this but what I'm saying is that this idea is kind of unnecessary.

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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    this would reduce so much lag on many many servers.


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    Eric Gro commented

    I had a similar idea. "Filtering hopper" in addition to the standard hopper with a similar crafting recipe.


    I B I

    I C I

    x I x

    (I = iron ingot, C = chest, B = iron bars (as a sieve), x = empty)


    Two ways to set the filter:

    Put the filtering hopper in an anvil together with the item, that needs to be filtered. If the hopper is not specified to an item with the anvil, the hopper will work as a normal hopper, but won't be able to pull. It can only push items it received from other hoppers (or dropper), working as an item pipe. (would also reduce lag, because it won't search for items above)

    Another way to set the filer would be to simply add 5 additional slots to the interface. One row for the inventory and one on top to set the items to be filtered. Just put one item in a filter slot. It will stay there until it is removed by the player. This way, a single hopper could filter 5 different items (would safe a lot of space).


    Edit: Just realized, that with the second way, it would also be possible to not set any filter to a hopper. If no item is put into the filter slots, then the hopper would also not be able to pull and work as an item pipe and reduce lag. So I prefer this solution. ;)

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    Lingy065 commented

    you only need one of the filtered item though, sure you need tons of iron and redstone but wouldn't item filter be the same

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    Aariv arora commented

    This is a great idea. It will help a lot in redstone contraptions. I hope Mojang does consider this.

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