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    I've requested this feature be investigated for future inclusion on the website. Thanks everyone.

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    You can vote by clicking on the comment.  I think this is to encourage people to actually read the post instead of voting based only on the preview given.

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    He is not talking about posts he is talking about comments like ours right now, you can't vote on these.

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    Ideally the original poster would take the best ideas and incorporate them back into the main post, so I'm not sure this would be a high priority. Still, it's worth thinking about. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Yes this should be a feature also because there can't be duplicate or similar posts. Besides, if the original poster doesn't want to edit his feedback, this feature would anyways help developers to see comments that add something to the feedback.

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    This should definitely be a feature, because I try to give feedback to the website, but somebody already had that idea. So then I have to add my little excerpt of my idea that is usually totally different from what the other person posted, and then what?! Wait for that person to decide if they like my idea or not?! Definitely not! 

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    Pascal Anema commented

    I think this should be incorporated for the sole reason that some posts have a huuuuge amount of comments... Finding the good comments can be impossible!

    If we could vote on comments (and then maybe sort comments on votes as well as on recency) it would be easier to see which exact details about the post / which addition/change to the post are most popular.

    Additionally.. Posts with very few details in them tend to get more votes because more people can agree. This takes away some of the creativeness that this feedback site should encourage!
    If the details someone provides in the comment section appear to be popular (a lot of votes), then the devs can have a better view of what people want.

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    Some Animal commented

    Also, upvoting comments would bring the comments to viewer priority so that more helpful comments would receive more attention than the "this is a great post!" Comments.