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(Java Parity) Additional Operators! @b @c @d


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    Removed @u from title, as it wasn't in the post.

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    JochCool commented

    I don't think @c would work well with the current command system, as entities and players work very differently from tile entities. However, I do agree that being able to find block entities would be very useful, it just needs some better syntax.

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    tryashtar commented

    @d: This is already trivially easy: @a[nbt={Health:0f}]

    @c: This doesn't make any sense because selectors are for entities, not blocks. What would /kill @c do? What about /team join team @c?

    @b: This is already trivially easy: /execute as @a at @s unless block ~ ~ ~ air

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    tryashtar Actually no not on bedrock it is not! it's actually impossible to do at the moment.

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    tryashtar commented

    In that case you'd be better off making a parity request

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    KylePlays0 commented

    Wanting to reply to Nova "inkycatz" Barlow, It is on there, in the @d section though.

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    WolfFormel56 commented

    execute as  @e run say hi

    everyone will say hi but dead player, 

    @e never selects dead players