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Additional Gamemode (peaceful +)


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    AvianXiphos77 commented
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    Well, I guess that is the cost for virtually what is immunity to damage.


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    Baroquetroll commented
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    At least in java edition, if you do "/gamerule doMobSpawning false", it will effectively give you this style of gameplay. Because there are two different systems of mob spawning, the one that is desabled by that gamerule, that just randomly plops down mobs while the player is around, and another that is not disabled, generating mobs alongside the terrain generation of new chunks.

    Most regular friendly mobs will spawn, like cows, horses, sheep, bunnies, and also villagers will spawn in villages, in this way. Tho in flying around, testing just to be certain, there was a suspicious lack of dolphins and fish in mob form, nor squids, tho thankfully, turtles do indeed generate. Spawners work like normal, and drowned zombies will generate in the underwater structures as well as elder guardians, and the ender dragon.


    Tho having the mob spawing gamerule set to false gives a mostly fully functioning survival experience, having all, not just most, friendly mobs, generate with the terrain, would be a wonderfull adition.