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Dead Sea biome


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    Bilbo Baggins commented
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    Is there a new type of water called “salt water”? Does water just act strangely in this biome? What is a tank?  Are you talking about a tank as in “a tank of water” or as in “a tank that drives around and shoots things?  What kind of loot would there be?  What is this “amazing stuff”?  How come this “amazing stuff” is only accessible in this biome?

    I really cannot vote on your idea until I know what you are talking about (if even then).

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    Lairobrine commented
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    I barely understand this. I technically have the nearly same questions as Bilbo Baggins right now.

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    The Dead Sea is a phenomenon caused by water flowing into a basin and then evaporating.  The key is that it has no outlet and never entirely overflows, so the salt and other minerals that are in the water keep building up.

    As such, this would make the most sense as a desert feature.  It should not be connected to any bodies of water.  The idea would be that rain runoff brings in new water and new minerals, since a river connecting to it would be complicated.

    The extra buoyant water would need to be a new kind of water because it has its properties for a reason.  Some features of this new water could be that it "salts" any farmland near it (similar mechanic to water hydrating it), making it infertile.  It should be more buoyant than regular water, perhaps having almost a bubble-column-like effect.  Any mob that lives in water (fish, squid, dolphins, guardians) should take damage in salt water, for sure.  The Drowned aren't "alive", so they might be immune, ditto any undead mobs like skeletons.  I'm not sure how it should interact with the other liquids, though.  It could act like water when touching lava, but the tricky aspect is regular water.  Maybe a source block of salt water converts into regular water if regular water touches it, since there is no difference in Minecraft between seawater and freshwater.  It gets diluted enough by the water that it is no longer salt water.

    I have no earthly idea what they mean by anything else.  I only know what a Dead Sea is. xP

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    AzaanDeen3473 commented
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    So you basically want a biome with the old oceans minus squid?

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    No undead mobs can access 

    because the sea is good for skin