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Function Parameters, Output and more.


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    The post is 1 year old and only few people voted, this should be implemented it's very useful. I agree with you

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    You could just use scoreboard values and then execute the function.

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    Splox Fox commented
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    I think that the parameters should be headed at the top of the mcfunction like this with some character like $ starting the line to differentiate them from commands:

    $exampleA, exampleB

    And then after this, parameter names can be accessed like so in commands:

    say $exampleA$exampleB

    Then the game replaces all instances of $exampleA with whatever you passed in while calling the function:

    function myexample:function foo bar

    (says foobar)

    Obviously, this is a contrived example (you could use tellraw here), but in many cases this would be amazing to have.