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Winds in Minecraft!


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    This would be pretty, but would also make the game a lot more taxing to run.  It could be an optional extra fancy thing, but should absolutely not be default.

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    Mc Rat commented
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    Ocean / water should have wave effects going in the wind's direction, and plants like flowers and grass should also move with the wind.

    Fire would flicker more and eventually get put out.

    If the entities moving with the wind would affect the game too much, they could just keep the visual & sound effects, but leave the game changing things out.

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    leondsl commented
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    I mentioned having a sandstorm in deserts where lots of sand has been farmed, and regenerate the sand during these storms. The player could be pushed into one direction with your idea, I like that, it would be a nice addition. It also would make working on high mountains more dangerous. There could be a new usage for the rope in these heights!

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    Perhaps including only some of these ideas would not be too taxing to run.

    Strong wind should be as rare as thunderstorms and only have one or two effects on gameplay.

    My suggestions are :
    - Arrows don't fly straight meaning skeletons don't hit you but you can't shoot them.
    - Sandstorms in deserts and mesas that have a fog-like effect.
    - Destroying leaf blocks

    You could also have low strength wind
    - Changing the direction clouds fly in.
    - Changing the direction of rain and snow.
    - Moving the smoke particles from camp fires.
    - When the wind is weak fog might form in swamps and oceans.

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    OwlLadyGamer commented
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    What about making more intense weather, like snow storms and hurricanes and stuff? If a weather front in real life causes danger to life, maybe that same weather could damage the player in minecraft?

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    I don't think hurricanes or any huge disasters will be in vanilla Minecraft. There should be nothing that can destroy player builds or kill their pets.

    Snowstorms and sandstorms that affect visibility and move speed are a good idea and could be as frequent as thunderstorms. Maybe they also cause new sand and snow blocks to appear?

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    Fire would only spread in the direction of the wind, but would spread twice as fast.

    Running into the wind would be slow, running with the wind much faster.

    Perhaps some biomes could have a prevailing wind, so it would always be really quick going East to West, but slow in the other direction.

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    RoyalRex2 commented
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    It seems like if they are programmed right, purely decorative winds wouldn't cause lagging, as long as no plants move with it. Status effects based on direction for entities might be tricky, but would be interesting.